Your Blog and Ad Networks – Here’s What You Should Consider Before Taking a Deep Dive


Ad networks are natural allies of every blogger who wants to embark on a monetization journey. Thus, making a well-thought-out decision on the most suitable ad network for you can be a hugely important consideration in this process. At the same time, there is no worry about the size of the advertising cake the networks give you access to – next year, it will reach the value of a whopping $220.38 billion. To better prepare for taking a rich bite into this, you need to approach working with ad networks in an informed and strategic manner. Take five minutes to learn more about this before taking this deep and potentially life-changing dive.

No Place for Ad Network Pretenders

Bloggers who want to go forward with earning from ads have to understand that the ad network business of today is a well-developed ecosystem that rewards careful thinking and reasonable decision making. This primarily refers to being able to pick out the best ad network as your advertising partner. Its first and foremost task is to provide you with both profitable and contextually relevant ads. Both of these considerations should play an important role when you approach ad networks for business cooperation. At the core of this process is your ability to evaluate ad networks and separate true pros from pretenders!

Keeping Ads Clean, Relevant and Unobtrusive

First of all, you’ll have to receive guarantees from an ad network that the ads they provide you with will fit with the general thematic orientation of your blog. You need to do this for two important reasons: a) you want to stay on your audience’s good side, and b) your ads need to be efficient in making it likely for the audience to click on them. How do you achieve this? Well, the answer is simple, as you’ll need to blend your ads with the general content you produce.

 In this manner, your audience will not be driven to leave your site since they see irrelevant ads sitting next to the content they come for. Yes, they know that you have to make a living with those ads, but they certainly put more value on their user experience. As there are plenty of fish in the sea, they will not hesitate to leave you for the competition if they find the ads on your blog irrelevant, offensive or too intrusive.

Smart Targeting with Ads

At the same time, you want to have high-performing ads, which goes hand in hand with showing only those that hold relevance for your readers. Just think how many moms would click on your casino ads if you blog about rearing up your child! Imagine what you could do by serving them ads related to toy stores or kids’ clothing. Remember that an important segment of making your readers click on ads is subconscious, meaning that they will make automatic associations between the content they consume and the ads they see. The stronger this association is, the better performing ads you’ll have.

To protect both your income and your readers’ experience, you’ll have to go after an ad network that can offer you both. RevenueHits ad network, for example, focuses on the optimal placement of best performing ads on your blog. Thanks to its analytical algorithms, its engine selects and places only the ads that are relevant to your blog’s content and its readers. In addition, RevenueHits upholds strict zero-tolerance policy concerning dubious and trash ads, such as those promoting offensive content, pornography or gambling. With its inventory of clean and high performing ads, this ad network can secure stable conversion rates and income generation.

 Stay Away from Fraudsters

Picking out the best ad network for you is not only related to ads. You’ll want to keep a close eye on their approach to business as a whole. This is hardly an exaggeration, with recent claims that as much as half of the digital marketing industry suffers the effects of fraudulent practices. Bots spreading malware, fake impressions, and clicks, the proliferation of low-quality ads are just some of them.

It’s for these reasons that you’ll want your potential ad network partner to provide you with a clean bill of health when it comes to its track record. Look for references and documents that prove their stellar achievements in this field. If they are serious and well-intentioned in their approach to business, they will not hesitate in providing you with any reasonable evidence you may demand from them.

Check for Troubles with Payment Practices

Speaking of transparency, another area of the ad network business you want to put under your magnifying glass is their record of clear payment practices. Not too long ago, a poll showed that 69% of publishers were ready to leave their ad network due to problems with payment. Among the issues they referred to were late payments, missing funds, fake records or the need to have a third party resolve payment-related issues.

Bearing in mind the importance of clean payment practices in successful monetization of your blog, you will do well to sound the alarm at the first sign of trouble in this department. In addition to this, you can ask around if any of your colleagues faced similar issues with an ad network you consider and stay away from it for good.

 Secure Access to Varied Ad Formats

Finally, your ad network will have to offer you only the best when it comes to their technical capacity to give you access to various ad formats and types. Having access to varied ad inventory will make the placement of these ads easier. These can range from text ads to shadow box, video ads or GIFs. As there is no universal guarantee regarding future performance of a particular ad type, you’ll want to have access to as many of them as possible. In this manner, you’ll be better equipped for field testing involving all of them and finding out what works best for your blog.


Making the first step into the unknown fills us with the desire to predict its outcomes as best we can. The same goes for introducing ads to your blog with the help of an ad network. However, you can surely make the outcomes work in your favor if you pay attention to critical aspects of working with ad networks. This includes checking out if they offer high-performing ads that are aligned with the content you serve, making sure they stick to healthy payment and transparency practices and give you access to various ad formats. Taking these preparatory measures in advance will help you face the incoming dive with courage and self-confidence, as much needed ingredients of the business success you aim for.

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