Why You Should Use the Popunder Ad


First, let’s read a little story.

Once upon a time, in the online kingdom of the World Wide Web, there lived two brothers who were known as the Pop brothers.

The online kingdom of the world-wide-web

The older – named Pop-Up – was a noisy, annoying, in-your-face, slick and sleazy brat.

His younger brother – named Pop-Under – was a shy, well-mannered and gentle soul who always waited his turn and tried to speak the truth.

Meet the Pop brothers – The honest Pop-Under and the scheming Pop-Up

Pop-Up did not care about anyone nor anything. His only goal was to make money, and he did not hesitate using shady methods to achieve his goal. And although his schemes usually worked and he made tons of money, he left in his wake MANY annoyed, frustrated citizens who felt betrayed and unsafe after meeting him.

His brother, Pop-Under was the opposite – a considerate fellow, who never wished to aggravate anyone. He too wanted to make a living but tried to do it decently. He knew that he had something valuable to offer and wanted to get people’s attention without angering them. So he waited for the moment when people could pay attention to him. He got excellent results, and nobody never spoke ill of him.

The actions of Pop-up incurred the wrath of many, and as a result, his dubious reputation spread across the kingdom. When the ruler of the World Wide Web – King Google – got wind of his nefarious deeds, he got mad. He issued a royal decree that banned Pop-Up from popping up in people’s desktop and mobile homes.

 As a result, Pop-Up couldn’t make money anymore. He slowly withered and ultimately died poor and alone.

King Google’s punishment drove Pop-Up to ruin

Pop-Under, on the other hand, continued to thrive, even more so now that his obnoxious brother was gone.

Pop-Under continued to prosper

The lesson of this fable is if you’re looking for a safe and lucrative way to monetize your website through advertising, you should give the pop-under format a go.

Let’s go back to today.

What Are Pop-Under Ads?

Pop-unders are new browser windows that open under the active browser, biding their time, appearing to users after they close or minimize their browsers.

Why Should You Use Pop-Unders?

Pop-unders have two significant advantages which make them superior to other ad formats.

They’re user-friendly: As our little fable described, unlike the pop-up, the pop-under will not disrupt the user-experience of users and will not anger them when they visit your website.

They have high-visibility: Ad blindness, usually connected with banners is non-existent with pop-unders, as they are big and cannot be ignored after users close or minimize their browser.

Seeing as pop-unders don’t have the drawbacks of the pop-up and the banner, they do not affect website bounce-rate, as evidenced by this study done by Webglide.

Google Approved

As you might recall, a couple of months ago, (king) Google released its built-in Chrome ad-block along with new standards by the Coalition for Better Ads. Unsurprisingly, pop-ups are among the ad types which are being blocked by Google, while also incurring one of their threatening letters.

his is what could happen to you if you rely only on pop-ups

Pop-unders, on the other, are not in the ‘bad ads list,’ so publishers who use them can be more sure that people see them, and that their website will not be penalized.


There are many ad types to choose from, and as a publisher, you should give most of them a try. Pop-unders are the lesser known, but better-performing pop ad type, especially after the Chrome ad-block launch. The pop-under will not annoy your users but will make sure they see him. So if you monetize your website, choose Pop-Under as your ad type – it’s a safe bet.

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