Why Shopping Related Keywords is a Mobile Customer Trend You Can’t Ignore


Google’s just released new data on mobile search that validates what you may already know: comparison shopping is on the rise — as much as 175% in the last two years alone.

Because mobile and voice search dominates, the “I’ve got to have it” mentality is easily indulged. Today’s research-driven buyers aren’t constrained by availability or price. They know that while window-shopping, browsing online or watching a program they can whip out their phone and find something close enough to satisfy their desires without breaking the bank.

This behavior leads to the three latest trends in search as noted by Google that you can use to optimize your content:

1) Leverage look-alikes for a conversion-centric twist on comparison shopping:

According to Google, people using the term, “that looks like” grew by over 60% in the past two years. Their examples include, “inexpensive tile that looks like wood,” “honda that looks like ferrari,” “furniture that looks like pottery barn,” “rock that looks like a diamond,” and “new furniture that looks like antiques.”

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2) Lead them to find what they want at a price they can afford.

The search term “under $_” has grown a whopping 175%, according to Google, over the past couple of years. Their examples include, “cheap window air conditioners under $100,” “cheap luggage sets under $50,” and “cars under $3000.” Drive higher revenue by sharing content that saves your readers money by highlighting ways to find their favorite items for “under $_” — and be sure to check out our new “Under $10” destination featuring millions of new, “Buy It Now” items with free shipping in hundreds of categories.

Pro tip: eBay’s Price Match Guarantee is just a start; we continually have best of web deals and promotional events to help you quickly and effectively convert your buyers. Thanks to our exclusive relationships with top brands, your visitors may actually be able to get the exact brand names they’re looking for at a price they can afford. And be sure to check out our post on best practices for using eBay coupons and promotions to help drive your revenue.

3) Bring them brands names that are solid alternatives to their top choices.

Dropping in-demand name brands can be a surefire strategy to drive conversions. Google reports a 60% increase over the last two years in the search for the terms, “brands like” and “stores like” (i.e. “stores like urban outfitters,” “stores like victoria’s secret but cheaper,” and “brands like Patagonia”).

Pro tip: Check out our trending items data to see which brands are dominating conversations and selling the most inventory, and use those keywords to customize your Smart Placements ad banners. Also, as we noted in our recent post on promoting fashion, visit the  eBay Stores URL to discover your visitors’ favorite name-brand destinations — especially since these companies frequently run exclusive sales on their eBay stores, but not their primary websites.

By helping your audience do their comparison shopping diligence, you’ll make become an invaluable resource for results that give them exactly what they are looking for.

Posted by Sejal Patel

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