Why & How to Choose Geos in an Affiliate Marketing Campaign


The key to success in affiliate marketing is not only great and original content. Yes, we admit that you wouldn’t be able to climb to the top without it, but you should know what else to include. For an affiliate marketing campaign to be successful and monetize well, you will need to choose geos and do it right. Before we tell you how to do that, we would like to explain why it is so important.

Why Choose Geos in an Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Targeting the right audience will always get you far in affiliate marketing. However, apart from the interests and behaviors of users reading your content, you need to take into consideration their location. Some geos offer great deals (high paying opportunities) and lots of traffic from technically savvy and financially stable users. In that sense, you must craft your SEO in a way that will reach the people you want to reach. Adding a geo medium in your website’s title, for example, will make it come up in a higher position when a search is performed by a person who’s currently in that area. Also, you should know that a large percentage of experienced affiliate marketers report that keywords with added geo modifiers have the highest ROI. By now, we are sure you are already convinced you need to select geos for your affiliate marketing campaign, so the next question is how to choose wisely.

How to Choose the Right Geos for an Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Let’s start off with the fact that geos in affiliate marketing come in three tiers. Depending on where you are in your career as an affiliate marketer and what goals you have set, you should make your choice of a targeted location. Here are your options:

● Tier 1 – Developed countries with fast and secure online payment facilities that are widely available and used. The population in these countries has a good level of residual income and mobile phone penetration is high.
○ The USA
○ Canada
○ Australia
○ Most of Central, Western and Northern Europe
○ South Korea
○ New Zealand
○ Colombia
○ Nicaragua

● Tier 2 – Countries with good technological advances but with the population whose spending power is lower and online payment options are not available in all parts. There’s also good enough level of mobile phones penetration. Most of the countries in the world come under Tier 2.

● Tier 3 – Developing countries where the population in its significant part is poor or lives below the poverty line and where online payment options are highly restricted or not available at all. Mobile phones are also not very popular in those locations.
○ Cuba
○ North Korea
○ Some countries in Northern and Central Africa
○ Zimbabwe
○ Madagascar
○ Saudi Arabia
○ Yemen
○ Syria
○ Papua New Guinea

In other words, or in a language that affiliate marketers understand, Tier 1 means significant traffic, high paying offers, and wealthy audience. Tier 2 and 3 offer high traffic, but it’s cheap and so are the opportunities. As an established affiliate marketer, you would only concentrate your efforts on the geos from Tier 1. However, if you are just starting off with your career in affiliate marketing, you should set your eyes on countries falling under Tier 2 and 3. Here are some reasons why.

Many Tier 1 countries impose rules and regulations on paid ad content. Your banners and ad blocks can be removed before you know it.

Besides, the population of those geos is used to technology and comfortable with using different variations of ad blockers. Even if they don’t install such extensions on their browsers, they are experienced enough in going through digital content to not click on certain headlines.

Making it in Tier 1 geos as a beginner in affiliate marketing is extremely hard. The competition is severe. If you are going to succeed you will need a huge amount of perseverance and creativity.

How about Tier 2 and 3? Well, they are perfect for those who are just starting. This is because there are hardly any laws that can restrict your online activity in relation to advertising. Also, it’s a great place to practice and improve your content creation skills and at the same time traffic you will get is much more easily monetized than that in Tier 1. Probably, the biggest advantage of Tier 2 and 3 geos is that all the competition is roughly at your level, which creates good opportunities for growth and success.

The Best Geos to Focus on in 2018

● Colombia
● Egypt
● Nigeria
● Kenya
● Saudi Arabia
● India
● Thailand

How to Maximize the Reach in Your Selected Geo

Now that you know why and how to choose the right geo for your affiliate marketing campaign, we can go back to the first part of this article but in more detail. As we already mentioned, choosing geos and including them in your content can significantly improve your SEO, which means that this way you can maximize your reach. This is what you need to be doing.

● Create Quality Content – this is always important in SEO because Google algorithms detect poor content and penalize the site where it’s published by pushing it further down on the search list.

● Do not Copy and Paste Content – Google robots will also detect duplicate content and in most cases, they will prioritize the site that had published the content first.

● Add Your Selected Geo in Your Meta Data – you should be adding your geo in your Meta description, alt text, and Meta tags.

● Put Your Selected Geo in Your Links – create your links in a way that includes the geo too. Structure the links like common Google searches related to your topic.

● Add to the keyword selection – It will be easier for Google to push your site up in local searches if you add the location in your keyword selection.

● Add Preferred Geo on Google Console – this will give great results and you are practically telling Google you are only interested in that particular market.

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