What is the Difference Between a Popunder and a Popup Advert


This article will explain the difference between a popunder and a popup advert and their various pros and cons – but before we get into the details, let’s start with the basics – what is pop traffic?

Pop traffic is a catch-all term used to refer to both popups and popunders. It is traffic and visitors that come to your website as the result of a pop ad being triggered. There are a huge range of popup networks that offer ad placement services to third-party sites, and most of these also supply popunder traffic sources too.

Whether or not this is targeted traffic that is designed to identify and promote your service to people whose browsing patterns and internet usage indicate that they might be interested in it, or if it just delivers a high volume of impressions across all demographics, depends on the traffic sources for websites that you use.

What is a pop up?

If you’ve been using the internet for any length of time, you’ve definitely come across popup or pop-up ads before, even if you didn’t know what they were.

Popups are new browser windows or boxes that open automatically on top of content that you are looking at – often offering you a special promotion, encouraging you to sign up to a service before you can continue to browse the site, or prompting you to take a specific action.

One potential problem with popup ads is that they are often intrusive and unwelcome, and many PC users close them automatically without even reading the first line of the ad – and they can also contribute to a site’s bounce rate if they are too much of an annoyance.

Popup ads have their place if you can incentivize them appropriately and avoid having them annoy your visitors – but they need to be used with care.

What is a popunder?

A popunder is triggered in the same way as a popup – by a predetermined action performed by a visitor on the originating site. However, unlike popups, popunders open in a new window under the content that the user is looking at, which has a number of advantages.

First of all, the advert is less intrusive, and so less likely to annoy your prospect and put them off, or make them close the window quickly and navigate away. Additionally, they may not spot the advert for a while, or until they start to close their browser windows. This means that it is more likely to capture their attention as they wonder “what’s this?” And keep reading – or think that they themselves opened the additional window earlier and again, spend some time checking it out.

What’s the difference between a popunder and a popup?

Popunders (also known as pop unders or pop-unders) and popups (or pop-ups) are both types of advertisements that are triggered by a certain action performed by a visitor to a website. The adverts themselves may be triggered as soon as the visitor lands on the page, if they click through to another page, or if they perform any other pre-set action.

The difference between popunder and popup ads is that a popunder opens the ad in a new window underneath the one that the user is looking at, while a popup appears on top of the content they are viewing.

Both popup ads and popunders can provide valuable opportunities to gain acquisitions, capture a lead or advertise a product – but if they are too intrusive, they will not only be ineffective for the purpose you intended, but will also put visitors off considering your services.

Whilst popunder advertising is rather subtler than using popups, intrusive popunders will soon annoy your potential customers and put them off finding out more or taking a certain desired action.

Try to choose a pop ad network that is careful about the placement of their ads, and that targets sites that fall in line with your own offerings and so, will get your content and promotions in front of people who may be interested in it and willing to check it out.

What kind of traffic sources can pop offers generate?

If you are considering using pop offers to promote your services and bring traffic to your site, it is important to critically assess the type of traffic that this will result in.

Most pop ad networks charge their advertisers per click on the ad in question – and so it is important to make sure that these clicks provide value to you, rather than simply bringing a lot of traffic to your site that won’t result in acquisitions.

When you are considering working with a popup network or popunder traffic source, it is important to do your research to find out what sites your ads will appear on and if possible, select sites whose users have an interest in what you offer too.

Pop under traffic sources

Popunder traffic sources can be found on all manner of websites that accept paid advertisements, from monetized blogs to forums to websites, social media platforms, and virtually anywhere else you can think of that accepts adverts. Most popup advertising networks will work with a large number of host sites, covering a range of different subject areas. Some specialize in particular fields or niches too.

Affiliate traffic sources

Popunder and popup ads can both be valuable affiliate traffic sources, to help you to get your content seen by potential buyers. If you are trying to promote an affiliate website widely and particularly when you are just starting out, investing some time and money into boosting your profile and bringing in traffic to your site in this way is very wise.

As we mentioned above, however, it is important to place your ads on sites whose visitors have interests in common with what you offer, or that are already looking for the types of services you promote – otherwise, you might find yourself paying a lot of money for clicks that won’t do anything for you.

How to make money with popup advertising networks

When you’re looking for a popup advertising network to work with, shop around to find a company that will offer you a good deal, and place your popups or popunders on relevant, appropriate websites and platforms that are visited by people from your target demographics.

As we alluded to earlier on, choosing a network that delivers a high volume of clicks won’t do anything but cost you money if none of the visitors they bring in are interested in what you offer – so if your advert is for say, muscle cars or adult dating services, you probably won’t find much value in displaying pop ads on a knitting or crafting site, or a cooking forum!

Every time someone views your popup ad or popunder promotion, it gives you a chance to showcase what you do and spread the word about what you offer.

This means that your ad should be clear, eye-catching and heavily incentivized – it needs to offer something that your prospect wants, as well as giving them a good reason to want to buy it from you.

Make it easy for your prospect to take action or find out more – and make sure that the link that popunder and popup ads take the visitor to are relevant, appropriate, and follow through on your incentive or offer.

Using popunder and popup ads can help you to bring in leads and stream pop traffic to your site – but never lose sight of the fact that you also need to be able to win a conversion or acquisition when they do.

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