What does 2019 bring to PPC marketing?


With the latest Google changes, the arrival of LinkedIn profile targeting and the rise of Amazon as a serious challenger to Google, PPC marketing changed a lot last year. For 2019, experts foreseen lots of hot trends covering paid social, paid search and remarketing but two of them are just about everyone’s minds. So, among artificial intelligence, targeting and voice search, audiences and automation seem to be the biggest. But this is just the beginning.

Let’s see what does 2019 brings to the PPC marketers.

  1. Audiences, Not Keywords

It seems that next year, audience targeting will have at least of equal importance as keywords since advertisers shift focus away from match types towards people. So, if you want to secure a high performance doing PPC, you’ll have to learn to segment audience data and create a different strategy for various audience types. The important thing is to discover what types of customers are searching for your products.

Keywords won’t represent a primary search lever so you’ll have to personalize your message as much as possible to make it relevant for your audience. This is what will separate the best class marketers from the average.

 2. Automation + Human Intelligence

It’s becoming clearer that machines seem to do the heavy lifting now more than ever. Google Ads continues to improve their automation feature, advertisers started to use automated bidding strategies in their campaigns, audience targeting gained more popularity and manual campaign management seems to be already yesterday’s news.

In this context, PPC marketers should use more smart features from Google and automation if they want to blow their competition, especially if they’re working on a large scale. They should spend less time on repetitive tasks like tracking, bidding, reporting and focus more on their customers and the tasks that require creativity or brand knowledge such as strategy, content, copywriting.

Delegating grunt work to machines makes it possible for their business to be successful while they can focus on working smarter. The real challenge in 2019 will be to understand when to leverage or when to ignore the machine. Advertisers will have to learn how to evaluate the machine’s recommendation, in other words.

3. Amazon & Advertising Alternatives

With the latest ad’s rules and regulations, marketers need to diversify their PPC spend, and find more opportunities to reach their buyers. Amazon seems to be the hottest alternative for 2019 but marketers need to improve their personalization and precision.

Other alternatives for their successful PPC strategy could be

  • Bing: Although in pilot, Bing Ads is testing local inventory ads that can display the stock availability for the stores nearby; 
  • Facebook: Can generate personalized video ad for users automatically;
  • Pinterest: It allows you to make personalized recommendation for customers and to buy a pined product directly;
  • Google: Show’s you in store availability and prices when local feature activated.

4. Account Management

Campaign managers will be able to use AI to choose the best performance for their clients, adapting their skills to the automation age. It is clear that AI can outperform humans but their knowledge is still necessary in order to evaluate how much they can leverage automation.

New skills like cross-channel and competitor strategies and new-market analysis need to emerge, so marketers can find their place in the automated industry and stay ahead in the game.

What is sure is that with such a sophisticated technology and an efficient management, PPC campaigns will shine in the future.

 5. Attribution & Cross-Channel Advertising Experiences

Since we can rely on a single advertising channel, marketers need to expand their focus across multiple platforms, building well-coordinated campaigns and constantly adjusting their strategies based on performance.

As we move into the future with the new technology emerging, marketers should start delivering more advertising experiences so they can keep their users engaged through each stage of the sales funnel.

This way consumers will always want more and marketers will have a more complete view of the consumer journey, understanding what’s relevant for them and where should they allocate more budget.

6. Ads &videos

Sending a relevant, cohesive message to the users through  ads will still be important. Video is on top for mobile content this year and it should be included in your strategies, especially if you want to improve your placement on SERPs. Vertical videos became very popular as well with the rise of Snapchat, so advertisers should adapt also to this feature.

7. Remarketing

Some marketers will focus exclusively on remarketing in 2019, since it has better conversion rates and much higher CTRs. Combining remarketing with the Facebook ad format, Click to Message will increase revenues for advertisers.

8. Brand Building

With this shift on the context and the consumers, brand building will become the main marketing strategy. Creating awareness and loyalty and prioritizing the need to create demand for their products will be more important than trying to make every click profitable. PPCers that focused on ROI until now, will start segmenting their strategies in 2019 by goals.

10. New Ad Types, Tools & Features

In 2019, new ad types reports and tools will roll out for PPC marketers. As we were mentioning before, localization and conversion-based opportunities will rise, with a shift from keywords to landing pages process and content.

We already know that the advertising scene changes constantly while new marketing trends come to the surface reshaping the entire industry. In the end that’s what makes PPC marketing challenging and so rewarding in the same time. The important thing is to do your research, adapt to the new trends and use all the new opportunities the market brings you.

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