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Even with the emergence of social media as a big player in affiliate marketing, many people believe that a website has become superfluous.

This isn’t the case, at all.

While social media has changed the landscape in terms of how quickly affiliate marketers can reach a big audience (it only takes one post to viral to create a lot of income), a website is still necessary.

So, with this in mind, we are going to look at webhosting services for affiliate marketers. We are also going to study how you can make money advertising web hosting services as an affiliate as web hosting affiliate marketing is a big business.

What is web hosting?

In case you didn’t know, web hosting gives you the method to create a website.

It is essentially just digital space and you pay a fee to be allocated some of this space so that you can build a website. Combine it with a domain and you will have a web hosting plan that will get you affiliate website online and allow people to find you.

That is really all there is to it. That being said, there are some things you need to look out for to ensure that you use a solid and reliable web host.

What to look for in web hosting

When you are looking for a web hosting service for any business – not just an affiliate marketing one – you need to have a reliable service.
68% of consumers said that they develop a negative impression of a business if their website is down and even a site being offline for a few hours can cause short-term financial impacts like loss of revenue. Doing some research into the uptime of a web hosting company is paramount.

In addition to this, bandwidth and storage space are vital too. Bandwidth determines how many visitors will be able to access your site and if you choose a plan which is too low then your site might go offline once you reach the limit. Also, if you are creating a website that requires a lot of storage space – hosting lots of images, videos etc… – then you will need a large amount of this too.

You also need to consider the type of web hosting you need: shared hosting, a virtual private server or a physical private server.

Shared hosting is the cheapest and it means that your data is stored with lots of other people on the one server. These hosting plans have limited functionality and less storage space/bandwidth but for an affiliate marketer who is starting their journey, it can be a budget option.

A virtual private server offers high functionality at a reasonable price and gives you better storage space and bandwidth.

Finally, a physical private server is a server you have at your business/home and it means you can tailor it specifically to your needs. This comes with a high cost and is more suited to affiliate marketers who have a high income and need a custom designed server for their website(s).

Best web hosting for affiliate marketing

Now that we know that to look out for when choosing a web host – what are the best web hosting services for affiliate marketing? We have chosen 3.


This is one of the well-known hosting service that offers a range of options depending on your budget and needs.

It has a one click WordPress installation feature, 24/7 support and 3 hosting packages ranging from under $3 per month for unlimited bandwidth and storage space to $5.95 per month for free
positive SSL and dedicated IP addresses.


Like HostGator, Bluehost has been around for a long time and is one of the favoured hosting services for affiliates.

It has a one click WordPress installation feature, 24/7 support and 3 hosting packages ranging from under $3 per month for unlimited bandwidth and 50GB to $5.95 per month for unlimited everything including websites.


For a WordPress affiliate site then SiteGround is a solid choice with is various WordPress specific features and 1 click installation.

For just $3.45 you can get a domain, web hosting with 10GB of storage space and their top plan includes 30GB storage space with room for 100,000 monthly visitors. It is one of the best domain hosting services out there.

Web hosting affiliate marketing

There are two sides to looking at web hosting for affiliate marketers – choosing a web host to build your website on and secondly for affiliate marketers to make money from people buying web hosting services.

With this affiliate marketing model, you refer people to the various web hosting services that are out there and if they purchase a plan, you get a commission. Given that a website is a staple part of having an affiliate marketing business, there is a lot of potential to tap into the amount of new affiliate marketers out there.

Highest paying hosting affiliate programs

Most web hosting services offer an affiliate program where you can sign up and start referring people to their website. The amount that they pay on commission various between each service.

WP Engine offers $200 and even more per sale and SiteGround that we mentioned above will pay from $50 – $125 per sale.

Do you research to find out what one pays the most but some also have other added benefits beyond the monetary value as well.

Get the best web hosting services for affiliate marketers

Web hosting is still an integral part of any affiliate marketing business.

Whether you need hosting yourself to get your website online and begin getting clicks on your affiliate links or if you want to actually promote web hosting offers as an affiliate, there is a lot of potential out there.

Social media, email marketing and other efforts may be seen as methods that mean having a website is outdated but as any good affiliate marketer will tell you, spreading yourself across various channels is the way to success.

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