ViceOffers: Promote our Dating Lead Distribution iFrame and get a $500 bonus!


Prepare for the ultimate VO Giveaway!

Get a bonus $500 added to your payout when you earn $2000 or more Between May 15th-31st on our new Dating Lead Distribution iFrame (offer #218)!


Affiliate earnings have never been better, more than doubling in our network since the launch of the API lead distribution system. Therefore to encourage everyone to try it out we want to offer the challenge for everyone to take part in.

Hows the iFrame work?

You can host the iframe on your own landing pages or have us build you a landing page. When a lead enters their email and birthday into the iFrame they will have an account created and logged into the best site for them. Over the next weeks, they will have accounts created over multiple dating sites and emailed their login information. By re-targeting the leads and making sure no lead is wasted our system has been doubling our affiliates earnings! On top of that, we let you keep all your lead data entered through the iframe!

How to get started?

Only traffic sent between May 15th-31st will count in this giveaway. Therefor we encourage you not to wait. Getting a campaign setup now and turning on the traffic pipeline will let you debug your setup before the competition. If you are not approved yet for the Dating Lead Distribution iFrame – API (#218) make sure to reach out to your Affiliate Manager ASAP so you’re ready for the 15th!

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