User-friendly mobile application: what we need to know


With the rapid evolution of digital tech, no one today is surprised by a new mobile app or a fascinating game. The app stores are congested. Consumers easily uninstall tiresome digital products. They can exchange one application for another within a minute.

What should app developers and marketers do in this situation? Much debate surrounds the issue of user engagement, app attractiveness, and so on. But the heart of the matter is the quality of your invention. The mobile application must have a real value. It should be easy to install and easy to use, moreover, it supposed to be fun.

Ultimately, all these questions are linked to the user experience and app design.

Focus on UX

At first, think how to reduce the loading speed of your application. An ideal interaction with the app is seamless, without any obstacles or confusion. That’s why it is so important to improve your invention. Eliminate all bugs, make your app easy to use. People will appreciate it.

Facilitate the task

Some actions that users have to perform within an app contain a lot of steps. These may be online purchases, registration, and so on. It is difficult, boring, and exhausting. Better to get your customers out of that. Simplify the procedures. Divide the large amount of work into several smaller subtasks. Thus, users can easily perform all necessary actions.

Use data wisely

If you have an opportunity to gather information about mobile app users, optimize it. You should not ask them about their location when you already know it. As an example, the app Uber automatically catches geographical data. Provide next steps after the actions that users have already completed.

Clean up the mess

If your app interface is cluttered with extra information the users are confused or distracted. This information should be relevant. Try to add only necessary icons and buttons to your invention. Do not overload an app. Portable devices do not imply too much screen space. Take this into account when working on your app design.

Simplify Navigation

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. You may use two basic navigation patterns. These are Tab bar (for iOS devices) and Navigation drawer (for Android). They have already established themselves as effective. Avoid hidden navigation or too complicated solutions. Users are not familiar with them.

Make it clear to your audience which elements of the app are static and which are interactive. Keep in mind the peculiarities of smartphone usage. Think about the design of the tap targets. They have to be large enough and positioned at a distance from one another. All the buttons must be easy to find and tap. Consider the natural thumb zone when designing your app navigation system.

Bear in mind Interruption

Sometimes people have to stop their interaction with an app for a while getting distracted by other things. Thus, a user may interrupt the work with your invention waiting for a bus or doing some other things. Keep this in mind during the process of app development. Allow users to re-engage easily when there is a moment to come back. There are a lot of ideas, such as notifications, retention of data and previous actions, etc.

In Conclusion

UX is a very important factor in your app marketing strategy. The digital invention has to be engaging, fast, and easy to use. Improvement of the app quality is a necessity. That will help you to retain existing customers and acquire the new audience.

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