Typical mistakes in mobile app marketing


All business owners try to use mobile apps to promote their products or services. Applications are the best marketing tools in our days when everybody has a smartphone. When you want to expand your brand creation of a mobile app is a necessity.

However, app development could not itself ensure the success of your business. The main objective is to find the efficient strategy of advertising. Users must be persuaded to install an application. You need to show all benefits of your digital invention, its real value for customers.

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Sometimes even the implementation of the adequate marketing techniques does not guarantee a steady progress. Let’s study common mistakes that marketers make when building their app promotional campaigns.

How to avoid the failure

Before reviewing different shortcomings remember a fundamental rule: start your marketing campaign immediately after the launch of an application. People who are familiar with your digital product, know what it is, are more willing to download this app. Don’t lose the moment. Try to announce the launch of your invention as early as possible. That will help you to get more downloads and increase visibility in the app stores.

What else should be taken into account?

App Store Optimization

It is necessary to optimize your mobile application for higher rankings in the app stores. Some business owners do not pay close attention to that fact. ASO is important. It includes the right choice of a category, keywords, description, and title. In this context, you need to remember that changing the app title too often is not a good idea. It can distract prospective customers and prevent them from the promotion of your product.

App Monetization

You cannot market your invention without proper app monetization strategy. Think what are the best ways of earning money with your project. Many marketers prefer in-app ads. Commercials should be relevant. To build a successful advertising campaign you need to study your target audience. It takes time but it is very effective. Do a thorough research and make creatives that can really impress customers.

Following trends

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. This industry is receptive to innovations. If you want your app to become a success follow the latest tendencies. Just as a general rule, do not stop on the achievements. Continue to study, find new information on forums, social media platforms, etc.


Some app owners ignore testing their inventions on different screens. That’s an error. The most successful developers always check how the applications function on different types of mobile devices. Such tests are necessary to improve the user experience. The high quality of your product is half the battle.

Bottom Line

We have listed above the typical failures of app developers and advertisers. Try to avoid them and make your invention better, more engaging.

There are a lot of ideas that help you to build an effective mobile app advertising campaign. You can build a microsite for your application, start a good social media campaign, use push-notifications, various rewards for consumers, and many more. We have listed above the typical failures of app developers and advertisers. Try to avoid them and make your invention better, more engaging.

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