TrafficForce – Video Stream Ads Are On FIRE!


We still need more video stream traffic! World Wide CPM rates for PC are close $1.00! Mobile is over $1.00 now and still growing. If you’re not sending video stream ads our way, you are missing out on a great revenue generating ad channel. It is really easy to set up, simply login to Traffic Force and create the channel, take your vast url and plug it into your video player, create your optimal settings for frequency cap and push it live.

Within minutes you’ll be earning more revenue, in a non intrusive way. Data shows adult surfers don’t mind this ad zone if displayed correctly. The settings we suggest are as follows;

Ad shows on second video view in users experience
Frequency cap to 1 or 2 per session
Skip duration 5 or 6 seconds delay

That’s it, easy! Need help? Contact me right away through email or skype. I’m here and ready to help you get started.

PS the cpms are system wide, worldwide! Depending on your traffic split, you could be making higher cpms. There is no better time to test this new ad zone, lets get you setup!

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