Traffic, Lead Quality and Budget — Taboola Brings ContaAzul the Right Balance


ContaAzul is an easy-to-use online platform for financial and small business management.

The Brazilian startup seeks to bring value to its customers by assuming the role of partner, providing information to guide entrepreneurs at all stages of the business, from employee payments to accounting control.

As a relatively new company, a key marketing challenge ContaAzul faced was qualified lead generation. Some channels generated a lot of traffic but either very few leads or leads that were not qualified.

This was mainly due to lack of targeting—campaigns were reaching people who had no interest in the product. The company wanted a way to balance volume, lead quality, scale and budget.

ContaAzul’s traffic volume per month increased by 10%, increasing lead generation by 15%.

Reaching the right audience.

ContaAzul aspired to reach entrepreneurs at valuable moments when they were open to discovering something new, and Taboola was the right fit.

“We realized that Taboola would be a great channel for acquisition of top-of-funnel traffic, where we could bring new people to know our solution,” says Willian Becher, paid media specialist at ContaAzul.

Taboola predictive technology analyzes hundreds of factors in real-time to provide the ideal content for each potential lead.

“We’ve worked with many acquisition channels. Some channels had effective lead qualification, but we weren’t able to scale volume. Others delivered many website visits, but few qualified leads,” added Becher.

“With Taboola, we’re now bringing in both – as well as people who have never visited our site before.”

The number of quality leads generated grew considerably from the beginning of ContaAzul’s partnership with Taboola.

“It was very important to understand the dynamics of the tool, bid strategy and targeting. Today we are delivering specific content at certain times during the month and are optimizing performance,” says Becher.

Approximately 80% of Taboola traffic comprises new visitors, which is 40% higher than other channels on average.

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