Top 5 YouTube Channels for Affiliate Marketers


Oh, to be a visual individual. Sometimes a longform blog post 0r a funny meme just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need video, that’s where YouTube comes in.

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Affiliate Marketers

Allow us to preface this with the following, we’re well-aware there are a plethora of YouTube channels on the interwebs.

We also know you might have your favorites, new or old. So please don’t let any omissions from this list hurt your feelings.

The Top 5 was constructed based on YouTube view count and engagement over the past year.

Now that we got that out of the way, here’s our list:

You’ll notice that the majority of these channels will feature a mix of everything–including affiliate marketing content, of course. Which is exactly what the first item on our list will provide you with. Some lifestyle, some motivational and some very informative ‘how-to’ videos.

Here’s the latest post on James Bowen’s channel at time of writing:

You can catch Paul James’ full suite of content over at his official website. For the sake of this exercise we’ll specifically be highlighting his official YouTube channel.

A little less lifestyle a lot more money making–which is the reason why you’d consume this type of content isn’t it?

Here’s the latest video posted to his channel at time of writing:

One of the most active YouTubers on this list, Affiliate Marketing Dudehas over six years of quality content on his channel.

That tells us–and should tell you–he’s been doing it for quite some time. Which is always a plus when getting a stranger’s advice about something your unfamiliar with.

Here’s his latest post at time of writing:

Sometimes you should need that extra motivation to use up those extra hours.

Whether it’s from his Self Made Success site or his presence on YT, Justin Bryant’s content will likely help your passive income situation.

Here’s one of his latest vids:

We’ve intentionally drafted a very diverse list when it comes to the channels we included. Some will motivate, some will break it down and others will show off how they reaped the rewards.

That said, ODi Productions still provides you with the substance you need to talk the first steps in your passive income adventure.

Here’s the last video posted to his YouTube timeline at time of writing:

What are some of your go-to YouTube channels when it comes to affiliate marketing or passive income content? Comment below!

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