Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Events for the Second Half of 2018


Even in today’s digital age, making connections and participating in hot industry debates are almost indispensable to the growth of any company. And, as you guessed it, affiliate marketing is no exception.

Due to the innovative nature of the industry, affiliate marketers can choose from a huge number of events to attend.

In fact, one could argue that there are too many events, so figuring out which ones you can’t miss may be tricky. This is especially true if you don’t have the budget to send representatives to every single one.

Below, we’ll discuss our picks for the best affiliate marketing conferences and events for the rest of 2018.

Why Attend Affiliate Marketing Events?

Before we analyze the list we selected, let’s look at the importance of attending affiliate marketing events. It’s worth mentioning that attending conferences and expos have numerous benefits, including but not limited to:

1. Stay Up to Date with the Latest News

As we mentioned before, affiliate marketing is an innovative field. There can be many significant changes in a small period of time, so attending the right events can help you verify that you’ve made the right adjustments.

At the same time, you can adopt new techniques that have been profitable for others in a similar position.

2. Learn About the Trends that Are Making an Impact

Speaking of changes, affiliate marketing is about finding the right trend at the right time.

If you wait until a movement has passed its prime, you won’t get the most out of it. Launch your campaign too early and you may deplete your budget too quickly.

The best way to anticipate new trends is by attending events where industry leaders disclose their forecasts and the changes they make.

3. Choose from a Variety Talks and Workshops

Similarly to music festivals, affiliate marketing expos usually have different sites that cover various topics simultaneously. You can pick what skills you develop and what debates you want to see within each event. All you have to do is look at the program brand locating the different points of interest beforehand.

4. Make Regional and International Connections

Chances are, you’ll run into other affiliates from your area and from markets that interest you. Thus, affiliate marketing events are a great place to meet up with like-minded professionals and potentially set up profitable arrangements.

5. Enjoy Awesome Destinations

One of the best things about affiliate marketing events are the exotic destinations you can visit. While business is always the most important side, many marketers take it as a great change for a team-building retreat or recreational activity of some sort!

If you’re looking for the best affiliate expo or conference, remember to look at the geographical location, dates, and the actual content of the event.

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Events for the Rest of 2018

Here’s our take on the top 10 affiliate marketing events for the remainder of the 2018 calendar.

1. Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018

Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018 revolves around creating a better future through mobile advancements. By developing 8 core event themes, MWC Shanghai 2018 will provide highly targeted content about mobile technologies that affiliates should already by taking into account.

Expo Details
What, Where and When Mobile technology conferenceShanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai, China

June 27th-29th, 2018

Duration 3 days
Estimated Number of Attendees More than 60,000
Networking Opportunities More than 600 speakers, including Thaddeus Arroyo (AT&T Business, CEO) and Catherine Yang (Baidu, SVP Artificial Intelligence)7 exhibition halls

Dedicated networking sessions within the event

Conference, Sessions, Themes, and Topics Discussed
  • Applied AI
  • Content & Media
  • Future Services Provider
  • Innovation
  • Tech in Society
  • The Digital Consumer
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • The Network
What’s There for Affiliates? Advancements in mobile techThe implementation of AI


Digital consumer trends

Prices All-Exhibition Single Attendee Pass starting at $75 up to $1,750Sponsorship packages available on request

2. App Promotion Summit – New York City, USA

Already on its 6th edition, the App Promotion Summit held in New York promises to be among the most notable events for affiliate marketers. APS is designed to showcase growth techniques that come directly from the top app marketers and developers on the planet.

Expo Details
What, Where and When App marketing summitStewart Hotel, New York City, USA

June 28th, 2018

Duration 1 day
Estimated Number of Attendees 300 app development professionals
Networking Opportunities
  • Close-knit workshops
  • Speakers such as Zoe Soon (Business Insider) and Esther Hwang (Poshmark)
  • One day full of short and sharp talks
  • Directly discuss everyday marketing issues and their solutions
Conference, Sessions, Themes, and Topics Discussed
  • App Traction
  • Social & Influencers
  • App Store Optimization
  • Data Driven App Marketing
  • App Engagement and UX
  • Growth & Innovation
What’s There for Affiliates?
  • Effective strategies for marketing products through online channels
  • Learn about user experience
  • Using social media and influencers
Prices Single attendee ticket starting at $800Sponsorship packages available on request

3. Affiliate World Europe – Barcelona, Spain

The first event on our list to focus solely on affiliate marketing techniques is Affiliate World Europe, which is to be held in July of this year. With more than 30 speakers, this conference consists of a busy 3 days accompanied by inspiring exhibitors that discuss effective tips, helping you build optimal campaigns.

Expo Details
What, Where and When Affiliate marketing conference to discuss effective industry practicesCentre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB), Barcelona, Spain

July 18th-20th 2018

Duration 3 days
Estimated Number of Attendees More than 3,000
Networking Opportunities
  • 30+ speakers, including the likes of Ezra Firestone (Smart Marketer and Zipify, CEO) and Adam Maltais (Shopify, Affiliate Manager)
  • In-event networking sessions
  • More than 50% of attendees are affiliates
  • Representatives from more than 80 countries
Conference, Sessions, Themes, and Topics Discussed Available through their mobile app
What’s There for Affiliates?
  • Insights on all aspects of affiliate marketing by leading industry experts and newcomers
  • Workshops that inspire creativity and give you the tools to potentially boost RIO
  • Build connections with some of the most well-known players in affiliate marketing
Prices Single attendee affiliate ticket starting at €699Single attendee company ticket starting at €1,049

Exhibit and sponsorship packages starting at €4,699 and up to €20,000

By the way, check our post: Affiliate World Europe’18: Three Things You Should Do

4. Affiliate Summit East 2018 – New York City, USA

One of the two events by Affiliate Summit that made it to our list, their East 2018 conference provides a great platform to discuss solutions in the affiliate marketing space. Affiliate Summit East 2018 will host representatives from more than 70 countries that showcase cutting-edge technology and deep understanding to solve common issues.

Expo Details
What, Where and When Affiliate marketing summit that showcases solutions for common problemsNew York Marriott Marquis, New York City, USA

July 29th-31st 2018

Duration 3 days
Estimated Number of Attendees More than 1,100 companies
Networking Opportunities
  • More than 55 speakers including Anne Parris (Midlife Boulevard LLC) and James Thompson (Daft Labs)
  • Dedicated networking meeting tables
  • In-event networking opportunities
Conference, Sessions, Themes, and Topics Discussed
  • Influencers
  • SEO and Monetization
  • The Business of Blogging
  • Keys to Successful Affiliate Marketing
  • Preventing Fraud
  • How to Grow Your Affiliate Channels
  • Maintaining Merchant Relationships
What’s There for Affiliates?
  • Growth hacking tools
  • Learning how to cultivate relationships with merchants
  • Techniques to boost ecommerce
Prices Single attendee affiliate ticket starting $249Exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities starting at $1,500

5. Gamescom 2018 – Cologne, Germany

Known as one of the biggest game trade fairs in the world in terms of attendance and space. Besides hosting more than 300,000 attendees, Gamescom focuses on providing major innovations by gathering representatives from each segment of the industry’s chain link. This fosters discussions at every level addressing problems that come from consumers, developers, publishers, retailers, and more.

Expo Details
What, Where and When Games trade fair that provides a unique experience for all segments involvedKoelnmesse GmbH, Cologne, Germany

August 22nd-25th 2018

Duration 4 days
Estimated Number of Attendees More than 300,000
Networking Opportunities Representatives from 919 companies and 54 countries
Conference, Sessions, Themes, and Topics Discussed
  • Target groups
  • Expos by big international publishers and small country-specific companies
  • Game developer conference (devcom)
  • More than 30,700 trade visitors
What’s There for Affiliates?
  • Valuable insights into the gaming industry
  • Convergence point for the entire gaming industry
  • A huge international pool of exhibitors, visitors and press
Prices Single private attendee 4-day tickets starting at €57 (bought individually)Single trader 3-day ticket starting at €84

Additional day pass tickets available for Friday and Saturday events

Exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities available on request

6. dmexco 2018 – Cologne, Germany

When it comes to innovation in everything digital, dmexco 2018 is looking to set a new golden standard. The event features hundreds of professionals working together to improve the digital economy and showcase futuristic solutions for common problems. And, besides gaining valuable knowledge that may help you find a solid solution, you can also network with more than 40,000 visitors and 1,100 exhibitors.

Expo Details
What, Where and When Conference and exposition for the future of the digital economyKoelnmesse GmbH, Cologne, Germany

September 12th-13th 2018

Duration 2 days
Estimated Number of Attendees About 40,7000 visitors1,1000 exhibitors
Networking Opportunities
  • More than 570 international speakers including Shane Smith (VICE, CEO & Co-founder) and Sridhar Ramaswamy (Google, Ads & Commerce SVP)
  • 18 stages with representatives from 39 countries
  • In-event networking opportunities
Conference, Sessions, Themes, and Topics Discussed
  • AR & VR Media
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • eCommerce Connectivity
  • Digital Trends
  • Internet of Things
  • Business Innovations
What’s There for Affiliates?
  • Using ecommerce to connect with your audience
  • Implementing IoT
  • Using AR and VR solutions for marketing
  • The most important digital trends in the market
Prices Single attendee visitor ticket starting €99

7. Affiliate Summit APAC 2018 – Singapore

Orchestrated by some of the biggest names in the industry, the Affiliate Summit APAC 2018 is among the most important marketing events in Asia. This summit has one goal – to propose innovative solutions that help address payment, compliance, tracking, and user experience challenges.

At the same time, the Affiliate Summit APAC 2018 brings up-and-coming advertisers and industry leaders together, making it a superb event from a knowledge point of view.

Expo Details
What, Where and When Affiliate marketing summit to propose solutions to common challenges and possible regional variationsSingapore

October 1st-3rd, 2018

Duration 3 days
Estimated Number of Attendees More than 3,000
Networking Opportunities
  • Meet Market – 6-hour networking event within the summit
  • This year’s Advisory Board, which includes the likes of David Zhao (UBER, Regional Affiliate Head) and Shanice Yang (Lazada, Head of Affiliate Marketing) created the program for the content that will be covered at the summit.
Conference, Sessions, Themes, and Topics Discussed “The Affiliate University – An interactive affiliate marketing 101 for content sites, influencers and bloggers providing them with the knowledge to take advantage of the opportunity performance marketing presents.”
What’s There for Affiliates?
  • The opportunity to meet local and international affiliates, potentially making significant connections
  • In-event workshops to foster innovation and creativity
  • Valuable knowledge from established players and new trend-setters
Prices Single attendee affiliate ticket is free (pending application approval)Single attendee company ticket TBD

Exhibit and sponsorship packages starting at $1,750 and up to $6,000 (all major sponsorship packages are sold out!)

8. PI LIVE – London, United Kingdom

This two-day event brings marketers from all around the world in a single venue, providing the perfect stage to discuss some of the industry’s biggest challenges. PI LIVE also features discussions about all the stages and elements of performance marketing while giving you the chance to network with relevant minds at the same time.

Expo Details
What, Where and When A superb platform for performance marketers to discuss the biggest issues and the most effective solutionsOld Billingsgate, London, United Kingdom

October 15th-16th 2017

Duration 2 days
Estimated Number of Attendees More than 3,000 performance marketing professionals includingRepresentation from 50+ countries
Networking Opportunities 10+ unique marketing opportunities within the event:

  • International Performance Marketing Awards
  • Beer Garden
  • Vertical Masterminds
  • The Nookery
  • Prosecco Lounge
  • Networking Village
  • Dome Stage Pit-Stop
  • Catering Marquee
  • Event App
  • Expo Hall Drinks
  • Bloody Mary & Bacon Buttie Bar
Conference, Sessions, Themes, and Topics Discussed
  • Actionable learning
  • Building new professional connections
  • Achieving tangible ROI growth
  • Discussion of all facets of paid-by-performing advertising
What’s There for Affiliates?
  • Learn from thousands of representatives  and world-leading advertisers
  • Stay up to date with the cutting-edge tech that will change the face of the industry
Prices Single attendee basic ticket starting at £245 and up to £510 for VIPExhibit and sponsorship packages available on request

9. Affiliate Conference – Munich, Germany

The Affiliate Conference held in Munich brings hundreds of professionals together. It provides the perfect platform to showcase and exchange valuable information, techniques, and best practices you need to expand your business. Boasting of dozens of knowledgeable speakers, the conference is bound to create a fruitful and pleasant networking experience.

Expo Details
What, Where and When An affiliate-focused conference to propose new solutions, analyze major trends, and stay up to date with the industry as a wholeMunich Airport, Munich, Germany

November 8th, 2018

Duration 1 day
Estimated Number of Attendees More than 1,000
Networking Opportunities 90 speakers including Markus Kellermann (xpose360, Managing Director) and Tobias Allgeyer (CJ Affiliate by Conversant, Regional VP)Dedicated workshops
Conference, Sessions, Themes, and Topics Discussed
  • What Affiliates Can Learn from Top Athletes
  • Forecasting 2019 Trends
  • Legal Developments in Affiliate Marketing
  • Improving Affiliate Sales
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
What’s There for Affiliates?
  • Meet up with some of the most influential industry leaders around the world
  • Stay informed about current discussion topics
  • Keep an eye out for the future of affiliate marketing
Prices Single attendee conference-only ticket starting at €149 and going up to €259Exhibit and sponsorship packages available on request

10. Affiliate World Asia – Bangkok, Thailand

Already on its third edition, Affiliate World Asia revolves around the finding solutions that move the industry forward. Usually carried out the first week of December, this year’s program, speakers, and event date haven’t been specified at the time of writing this blog. Affiliate World Asia still makes our list of the top events to watch out for, especially considering the success of last year’s event.

Expo Details
What, Where and When Affiliate marketing conferenceBangkok, Thailand

December 2018 (Exact date TBD)

Duration TBD
Estimated Number of Attendees Around 2,650
Networking Opportunities Exact agenda is not announced yet
Conference, Sessions, Themes, and Topics Discussed Exact agenda is not announced yet
What’s There for Affiliates? Building valuable business relationships while picking up insights from industry experts
  • Single attendee affiliate ticket prices TBD
  • Exhibit and sponsorship packages available on request

Lots of events – lots of opportunities to meet. Planning  to attend one of those events and want to discuss advertising solutions?  Great, that’s easy! Simply click the button below and arrange a meeting with one of our traffic experts. See you!

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