The Secret Holiday Ecommerce Strategy to More Campaigns & Sales (on Autopilot)


The world’s fastest-growing brands are doing something significantly different to grow sales this holiday season. It’s a revolutionary way to scale rapidly and responsible, in part, for selling …

  • $1.1 million per minute — and more than $1 billion overall — during 2017’s Black Friday Cyber Monday on Shopify
  • Over $2 billion in total gross merchandise volume (GMV) since its release less than a year ago on Shopify Plus
  • Saving 2,000+ businesses 1.6 million hours by offloading resource-draining and repetitive tasks
  • “It was critical to 10X-ing our year-over-year revenue last Black Friday Cyber Monday,” says Chase Fisher, founder of Blenders Eyewear, “and it’s part of how we plan to 4X sales this year.”

This holiday season, brands with access to a proprietary collection of innovative tools will use them to launch more campaigns in less time and radically simplify the most chaotic time of the year.

These businesses haven’t added a single human resource, yet they’re planning for record holiday sales.

Even better, they’re sharing their strategies and results …

Sample pages from the new guide Black Friday on Autopilot

Stealthy and Lucrative

No one on the outside will see how it’s done.

This new suite of tools run in the background and act as an army of employees who never sleep, take breaks, or make errors.

Ecommerce automation is what these brands are using to make this Black Friday historic.

Ecommerce automation can make and save you millions of dollars by simplifying the complexities that can stunt global growth, reducing manual or repetitive tasks, and automating front and back-end workflows.

Exclusive to businesses powered by Shopify Plus, more than two thousand brands are already using these tools to:

  • Automate flash sales, product releases, and sell $2 billion on autopilot
  • Offload 200 million decisions that have saved 1.6 million hours
  • Reduce the risk of order fraud, human error, and inventory stockouts

“The more you automate,” explains Julio Giannotti, Web Manager at Interline, “the more money a business can make. It’s an exciting time and we see a lot of opportunity. The more we automate, the better off we’re going to be tackling the more important parts of our growing business.”

Automating the Holidays

This holiday brands just like yours will use automation to expand their capabilities, lower costs, and break records.

They’ll magnify their results by running more campaigns. They’ll put revenue-generating processes on autopilot like:

  • Instantly publishing and pivoting multiple onsite campaigns
  • Launching products on multiple channels simultaneously
  • Driving conversion rates through dynamic pricing
  • Lifting AOV with free gifts and tiered discounts
  • Increasing CLV by segmenting customers
  • Expediting shipping notifications

Automation lets you scale faster year round while still maintaining direct and profitable relationships with your customers.

“Our brand centers on personal connections and we find there to be a tremendous amount of value in the ‘inefficiencies,’ like talking to our customers all the time,” notes Chase Fisher, Founder of Blenders Eyewear.

“Without hurting that connection, automation tools let us preload our holiday campaigns, switch out our offers and themes, as well as track and reward customers better.

It was critical to 10X-ing our year-over-year revenue last Black Friday Cyber Monday and it’s part of how we plan to 4X sales this year.

Your Holiday Ecommerce Strategy “Trifecta”

If you want to harness the power of ecommerce automation in time for the holidays — or simply learn more about this impressive suite of new tools — we created the Black Friday on Autopilot Guide. Inside you’ll discover:

1. How Launchpad can help you pre-plan, schedule, and automate holiday flash sales and major campaigns as well as instantly launch the next.

2. How Shopify Flow can put repetitive, manual, and time-consuming holiday tasks on autopilot to focus on higher value tasks, without any coding.

3. How Scripts can increase conversions when they matter most with automatic discounting, dynamic pricing, shipping thresholds, and custom payment options.

Sample pages from the new guide Black Friday on Autopilot

Media darling and high-growth retailer Dormify has already increased revenue by 99% and conversions by 64% YoY in the lead up to back-to-school shopping. They plan to do the same over the coming months.

In the words of Lauren Ulmer, Director of Product at Dormify:

“We’ve run over 100 sales events using automation and are on track to 2X revenue in 2018 as we become a true omni-channel brand. The ‘Your Price’ Shopify Script that we used, along with Launchpad for our July 4th sale this year, achieved a 70% uplift in conversion rates.”

You can do it too.

Consider this your exclusive invitation to be one of the marquee businesses planning this Black Friday to:

  • Run 3-5 times more revenue-generating campaigns
  • Automatically customize the shopping experience
  • Track and reward top customers for better retention

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