The Most Profitable High Converting Affiliate CPA Dating Offers


One of the most profitable niches for affiliate marketers is the dating and hook-up sector, and this is the niche that reliably offers the most generous commission levels under both PPL (pay per lead) and PPS (pay per sale) payment structures.

However, a pay out that looks great on paper is worthless if it doesn’t translate to money in the bank – and so the savvy affiliate needs to look for not only high-value dating offers but those that are high converting too.

The most profitable and high converting dating CPA offers

Obviously, a large part of dating affiliate success comes down to the individual affiliate that’s promoting the site in question, and their ability to identify, target, and convert buyers within the niche. This means putting the work in and being smart about how you find and reach out to prospects, but the dating niche is a truly evergreen one that always has a large market of potential buyers ready and waiting to hand over their cash.

This is part of what makes the dating affiliate niche so profitable – and why it’s a great niche to choose for first-time affiliates as well as those who run large, multi-channel affiliate operations too.

That said, not all dating sites have enough on offer or enough incentives and value to be able to hold their own in what is, of course, a highly competitive field – and if you’re prepared to put the work in and take your dating affiliate business seriously, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t back a lemon.

In this blog post, we’ll look at four of the best affiliate dating offers that pay high commissions, and that have a proven track record of achievable conversions for their affiliates too.

What makes for a strong affiliate dating offer?

In order to be able to win customers and earn commissions, a dating affiliate site has to possess a range of traits that together, make up the winning formula and lay down the groundwork to allow affiliates to promote them successfully.

Here are some of the things you need to look for when choosing a dating site to earn affiliate commissions.

  • High levels of commissions for your work;
  • A realistic chance of earning those commissions;
  • Incentives and exclusive offers to allow you to promote your site effectively;
  • A familiar, widely-recognized dating brand;
  • A site that offers plenty of incentives to hook buyers in – like a free sign-up and/or trial;
  • A busy, fresh site with continually updated content to keep buyers interested;
  • A site that is designed to appeal to its target audience, using the right tone, style, and wording;
  • A site that works as it should, without bugs or glitches – being fast to load and easy to navigate;
  • Lots of different angles and services within the site – such as messaging, chat rooms, photosets and more;
  • Instant success or leads for buyers – who won’t continue to invest money into a site that doesn’t begin to show promise quickly.

So, what dating sites tick all of these boxes and more? Here are four of the best.

Right at the top of the tree is, a website that pretty much anyone who is looking into dating CPA offers will find at or near the top of their search results.

This is one of the busiest and most popular dating sites around, and one that has produced the winning formula for a huge number of affiliates already. However, unlike many other affiliate dating sites that start strong and then quickly the point of market saturation, continues to provide opportunities for new affiliates looking to enter the game. This is because the site has such a broad appeal and a large number of potential target demographics.

Taking a broad audience overview of the type of people who might be interested in’s offers, you’re potentially looking at literally half of the population – being men. When you divide that 50% up into smaller, more targeted niches based on things like age, location, income, interests and so on, there are a virtually limitless number of niche sales funnels to target. This means that the site already pays dividends to a huge number of affiliates and there’s still room for more. is also one of the longest-established dating sites around, making it a familiar and easy to find a brand for anyone looking to chat, date, or hook up. Added to this, the top-level domain name does exactly what it says on the tin, ensuring that potential buyers know clearly what’s on offer from the start.

In terms of CPA offers, they’re among the best and most generous in the business too, offering PPL commissions as high as $12 per lead, and PPS commissions up to a whopping $162 depending on location. This is pretty impressive even within what is generally a high-paying niche as a whole, particularly given the high conversion rate of well-targeted ads.

Additionally, the affiliate RevShare for is top-end too – and you’ll bank a huge 80% of the value of your initial sale, followed by 70% of repeat purchases – for life. You also get access to a broad range of exclusive offers and incentives to use to make it even easier to promote to your buyers and let you take a slice of the market share.

Another high-level dating affiliate site is, which again benefits from an instantly recognizable domain name to capture buyers’ attention and add intrigue and promise to your ads or offers. targets buyers who are looking to make a genuine long-term connection with future love interests and offers a range of nifty gadgets to allow them to do it. There’s a specially devised Q-matching algorithm to help users to find a good match, as well as a safe mode feature so that users can choose to connect with only verified members.

Dating site scams have got a lot of attention in recent years, which has had an impact on the integrity and buyer perception of the market as a whole – something that tackles head-on with their original anti-scam system, providing security and reassurance for buyers who might be sitting on the fence.

These USPs give affiliates of all types a range of angles to target with their ads and marketing, helping to ensure that is one of the highest converting dating sites around. The commissions are also very generous too, at up to $4 on PPL and up to $65 on PPS depending on location. is a top prospect for affiliates who want to cash in on impulse purchases and buyers looking to dive straight into chatting, flirting, and planning dates. This is a top hook-up site that savvy affiliates use to incentivize receptive buyers who don’t want to mess about, and who want to be able to join up and start looking around and making connections quickly. is a great match for the mobile channel too for this very reason, and targeting mobile buyers with in-app ads and game promotions is a very lucrative approach to take.

When it comes to commissions,’s earnings are location-dependent but go up to $12 for PPL and a massive $214 for PPS. Again, both the initial and repeat revshare are top-end, being 80% and 70% respectively, and the huge number of existing members of the site bear out its success and profitability.

Guys in the UK want to chat and meet up with local girls for fun and flirtation, but this is also a largely neglected market when it comes to UK-specific dating affiliate sites. answers the call from the domain name onwards, allowing you to target British traffic with ease and across multiple channels.

This is one of the most interactive sites around for UK buyers, offering incentives like regular dating events, the chance to meet local women, and broad coverage across 24 UK cities.

For affiliates, offers high pay outs of $3 on PPL and $45 on PPS, which certainly makes it worth considering if you want to target the UK dating niche.

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