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Whether you have your own products, or you’re promoting 3rd party affiliate offers, you must find the right match between the offer that you promote and the traffic that you buy.

You may have a great offer that converts like crazy, but if this offer is only good for users from the UK that have a new iPhone and are connected to 3G – while you’re buying traffic from Ireland and targeting users that have Android, well, no matter how good the offer is, it’s not going to convert.

The example above is very simple in nature, but it is merely a way to show how important it is to find the right traffic for each of your offers.

Traffic sources were not born equal

If we take it a step further, focusing on BidVertiser for a moment – we do NOT work with traffic that does not convert. ALL of our traffic converts, but not every traffic stream is right for every offer, so you will need to find the right stream for you. Now we mentioned in the subject that you will actually learn something from this email, so let us share with you the correct and simplest way to find the right traffic stream for your offer. we’ll start with the obvious and get deeper and deeper.

The 9 Steps Program

1. Country – just like the example above, make sure that you target your traffic with the right country for your offer.

2. Desktop / Mobile – some of the offers and products are only good for desktop, some for mobile and some for both. Either way, make sure that you choose the right one.

3. Devices – if you promote a downloadable game for iPhone, set your ad to run only on iPhone! Make sure you opt out of Android, Blackberry and any other device, because they are not going to convert for an iPhone game!

4. Browsers – some offers and products are only good for specific browsers. Let’s take Firefox extensions for example – these offers aren’t going to run well on Chrome, right?

5. WIFI/3G – downloadable games for mobile will most likely work better on WIFI (in some countries 3G is expensive so people won’t download anything while they are not on WIFI), but there’s all sorts of mobile content offers that make use of the carrier internal billing. These offers are only going to work on 3G/4G/LTE – or even on specific carriers only. Sending WIFI traffic to a mobile content offer that uses the carrier billing is like burning your cash.

6. Time of day – not all offers work the same at all times. Take for example insurance offers that may or may not convert only after a sales rep makes a phone call to a phone number submitted through your lead. In such cases you should only be running it during business hours.

7. Keywords (#1) – unless the products or offers that you are running are very niche in nature, we recommend starting with RON (Ron Of Network – which means no keywords targeting). Remember you are not advertising on Google now and we are not charging you $20 per click. Our traffic is not expensive, yet it converts! Our advertisers see the best results when starting with RON campaigns while tracking keywords and subIDs, which leads us to the next point.

8. SubID – so, now you have a very good starting point and you’re only getting the traffic that you need, what’s next? At this point, you need to filter this great traffic that you get by subIDs. Not every traffic source behaves the same and some may be converting better than others. When you filter the traffic by subids, you can either exclude subIDs that aren’t performing as well, or increase the bids on subIDs that perform very well.

9. Keywords (#2) – now, after you have started to see conversions and traffic is well optimized, after you have followed the steps above, you can feel more comfortable to create a 2nd ad with the same targeting, yet this one will target specific keywords, only with higher bids. How do you know which keywords to use? That’s simple, choose the highest converting keywords that you have found on your RON campaigns and use them here. Now you are running a more targeted campaign with more traffic because your bids are higher.


The above steps may sound complicated but they are not! From within your advertiser control panel you can easily setup all of the above. If you get in trouble, just contact your account manager via Skype or email and he/she can help you out.

Remember – following the steps above will make sure that your budget is spent only on the traffic that is good for you!

Now for the best part!

To make it easy for you to test what you have just learned – and to show you that we believe in the 9 steps program – we’ll give you the first $50 of your next campaign.

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