Pinterest facts that you won’t believe are actually true


Pinterest is one of the most beloved social media platforms, but what makes it special, how do you use it to your advantage as an affiliate marketer?

There are many types of social media platforms and most of them have things in common. This is why it’s weird that among so many linear timelines we have Pinterest that’s filled with crooked pins.

Maybe this is the reason why Pinterest is such a successful platform, the fact it is different than the rest and doesn’t really feel like a social media account makes it interesting.

It started out in 2010 and since then it has risen to unbelievable heights. The statistics that have appeared online about this platform make it even more interesting and with the right targeting it could be a potential goldmine for affiliate marketers.

If we were to transform the statistics into a person and use the majority as an indicator, we would have a user that is female, uses Pinterest on a tablet and purchases about 5 out of every 10 pinned products. But are things every affiliate marketing should know about Pinterest even though it’s hard to believe these facts?

1. Growth

When making a study, researches have found that when it comes to member growth Pinterest is light years ahead of the famous Facebook. In fact, Facebook has a 6%-member growth, while Pinterest got 57% and was the fastest one, dethroning other huge social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ which all did better than Facebook.

It is now the second social media network by growth in active members, with just 9% difference between Pinterest and the leader, Tumbler that stands tall at 120%. Here too Facebook has the last place with 2%.

2. DIY

If you’re looking for arts, crafts and DIY in general you will find so many of them you won’t know where to look first. Tutorials, guides, DIY and other similar things have a better click rate than most other pins with 42%. If you can spin that to your advantage you have a gold mine at your disposal.

3. Purchasing

While people don’t usually buy everything they see on other social media platforms, when they see something they like on pins they will be very likely to buy it. And it’s not just that but studies show that the users of Pinterest who have ended up on Shopify bought products that were twice the value of those that came from Facebook.

When they go on Pinterest, people see it as a place for product reviews, like a catalogue, a place to get advice about things. More than 25% of people have bought something they have just discovered on Pinterest. Things look so much better on Pinterest and you get to see many different options at the same time and pick what you like. They don’t see just a product on a white background, they get to see what it looks like in real space, like a dress on a woman, a rug on the floor, curtains on an actual window etc.

Even when they look at ads on Pinterest, people don’t realize that they are ads because they feel real and are presented just as regular pins.

4. Numbers

When you first make an account, you might think that there are hundreds of thousands of pins available, but you are very far from the truth. The more than 70 million users really post a lot and there are billions of pins. In just four years since it was launched over 30 billion pins were made. And all of them have different themes going from design to tutorials to fan art and baby clothes.

5. Virality

You can go viral on any of the other social media platforms, but the power of Pinterest is outstanding. While on Twitter you’ll find 1,4% retweets, on Pinterest there are 80% re-pins. The search function and the algorithms in place for categories lead to the virality of Pinterest. If you want to make a board where you’ll organize your ideas for an event you will end up re-pinning different things out of which many of them have been re-pinned countless times. Someone will see it on your board and re-pin it further and this could go on for very long periods of time and across many different geographical locations.

6. Durability

Tweets live for minutes, Facebook posts for hours, but pins are virtually forever. They can easily go for months and even after the hype is dead it can always be revived. You can find them on Google search even several months after they were posted. Pinterest have a long lifespan because they are used for planning and organizing so it could take a long time before those ideas are actually used and, in the meantime, they will be seen by others are re-pinned.

7. Promotion

From all social media platforms Pinterest has 41% of all e-commerce traffic which makes it a gold mine for affiliate marketers. This is why many major businesses use it for promotion even though some still think it’s just a niche site made only for those that want to sell baby clothes and other house things to stay-at-home-moms.

Pinterest could be a great asset and really help you grow your business and many affiliate marketers use it to promote themselves and their products. If you understand the way, it works and what its users want you can really make some nice money out of it. Still, it shouldn’t be the only social media platform you use to market to your target audience, you should try to diversify and reach many different people.

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