More commissions with the new mobile Xclone version


We are happy to announce the launch of the new V3 mobile version for the White Labels Xclones which, according to our many AB tests, will allow you to significantly increase your conversion rate.

More conversions mean more cash for you !

Here are some of the changes that will significantly increase your conversion rate:

  • Faster stream and reduced latency = more pleasure = more transactions
  • Full screen option / better image = more private shows & bonus = more commissions
  • Improved scanning functionality = improved navigation = more conversions
  • Redesign of “Call to action” buttons = more visibility = more commissions

If you already have a Xclone, the transition to our new mobile version will be automatic.

If you do not have an Xclone yet, we can help you. Contact Us:
– directly via the website
– by simply “answering” this email
– Skype : xlovecash

Best regards,
The XloveCash Team

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