Jeff Bullas Says Engage.IM Will Disrupt The Native Ad Industry


There is no doubt that the native advertising industry is evolving. Jeff Bullas, one of the top social and content marketers in the world, recognized Engage.IM as a leader in that change.

Here is an excerpt from Jeff Bullas’ article about the benefits of Engage.IM:

  • Engagement. Engage.IM has a 4-5x better engagement rate before content personalization and 11x after, compared to traditional native ad feeds. This is due to their social media integrations, likes, comments, reactions, and powerful personalization algorithm.
  • Personalization. Engage.IM users see a personalized experience across all sites, with over 3,000+ user segments. Their open-source design enables further personalization by integrating with your favorite apps, comment platforms, video, and polling or survey tools.
  • More revenue for publishers. Increased personalization results in more engagement and revenue for publishers on the network. Publishers are seeing vRPMs as high as $20 thanks to increased time on site, more pages per visit and better personalization for users.
  • More social, less greed. Engage.IM puts an emphasis on the user experience, opting to perform more as a social platform than a continuous scroll ad-wall.Engage.IM is the only one of these new platforms that empowers an Open Web by allowing publishers to determine the best strategies for monetization and content.

Read the full article here.

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