HuffPo Korea gains a 40% increase in RPM with Taboola Feed


Huffington Post Korea is an affiliate of HuffPost and a leading daily news and opinion website in South Korea. Founded in 2005, HuffPost offers both localized and international editions for readers around the world.

The publisher was looking for a way to increase revenue and click-through-rate (CTR) by diversifying its revenue channels beyond social media, which had both targeting and traffic limitations.

“I look at all metrics with interest, but the most important things I think about are CTRs and RPM,” says Kwangwook Roh, manager of HuffPo Korea.

The most important success metrics for HuffPo Korea are traffic and revenue, so they turned to Taboola to increase direct traffic without relying on the HuffPost portal—revenue increased un 40%.

They needed to reach readers interested in the site’s fresh perspectives while staying competitive with other news sites.

Taboola Feed provides the right experience.

The answer for the publisher was Taboola Feed, which offered a way to recirculate both organic and sponsored content to drive revenue and engagement on-site.

Taboola Feed brought the impact of a social news feed to HuffPo Korea’s article pages, so users could continue to engage with additional content after reading a story.

Performance backed by partnership.

After implementing Taboola Feed, HuffPo Korea saw a 40% increase in RPM and an 60% increase in CTR.

“While Taboola has been able to increase both, the most important aspect of our partnership is communication.

The confidence built with the constant communication between us and Taboola is the biggest asset we gain from Taboola Feed. I am always amazed by their quick feedback and kindness,” says Kwangwook Roh, manager of HuffPo Korea.

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