How to Make the Most of the Zeropark Account Managers Team


As a performance marketer, you know best what it means to lead a busy life. Starting new campaigns, optimizing the existing ones, and taking care of constant development is a 24/7 job. That’s why the team behind Zeropark recognizes the value of every bit of your time. Developing a proper business relationship with your Account Manager (AM), however, is an investment of time that you should definitely consider.

Account Managers are your dedicated, human assistants in Zeropark’s world. Yes, it does feel strangely unnatural to add the word “human”, but isn’t it a necessity in the age of Siri, Alexa, or even the annoyingly stupid, always smiling MS Word’s assistant called Clippy?

Unlike Clippy, however, our Account Managers’ goal is to provide you with a complex, meaningful service. You’re entitled to email-based support from an AM if your monthly spend surpasses $2,000 a month, and Skype-based support if you spend at least $7,500 per month.

Campaign Tips and More

Your Account Manager is always there to share their tips with you.

Keep in mind that the AMs have access to global data, not just your own campaigns. That’s why their intel is valuable, even if you’re an experienced affiliate, who doesn’t need any help to run successful campaigns.

AMs can give you tips on what offers currently work best, and which don’t. The same goes for sources. They know best which ones will turn your campaign into gold. If you’re using Voluum tracker, they will also help you out with campaign optimization. Finally, Account Managers are your go-to-guys for any question that you may have regarding the platform itself. Don’t know where to find a certain feature? Does your invoice require any explanation? Have you experienced payment issues? These are the kind of questions that our AMs are ready to answer.

The Co-creator of Zeropark – You

Yes, you read that right. You become the co-creator of Zeropark whenever you leave us some feedback. Your Account Manager is the mean for your voice to be heard.

Whenever you come up with a brilliant idea that would make Zeropark a better platform, let us know. We’re always looking into suggestions, so we can deliver a product that meets your requirements, needs, and other nice-to-haves.

Moreover, you will benefit from establishing close cooperation with us, by getting a chance to beta-test our newest solutions. Account Managers are also your primary news source when it comes to Zeropark.

We do not necessarily announce each and every update or improvement of the platform. Your Account Manager will tell you if there’s something new and will walk you through the added feature.

Account Managers – Friends You Can Count On

Account Managers are human too, and occasionally take some days off or attend industry events. That’s why you should pay attention to your AM’s Skype status or look out for auto-response emails when you have an inquiry.

Obviously, you can choose not to develop any relationship with your AM. You can choose to never contact them if you don’t want to. But surely you do realize that having friends can be a wise business decision.

Faster campaign acceptation? Free industry events tickets? Or maybe even some desired interference in your campaigns? Anything is possible between trusted business partners.

Getting in touch with your Account Manager, and developing a business relationship with them is simply an investment with a high return.

Posted by: Bartosz Bielecki

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