How to Find Target Audiences in Social Media


Social media isn’t just about posting pictures on a night out or snooping to see what old friends are up to these days.

There is a lot of money to be made on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The problem that many affiliate and digital marketers come across is that they start posting offers and links to products but they aren’t targeting customers in the right way. If you are going to sell products and services online then you need to identify a social media target audience that is actually interested in what you are posting and will buy your products too.

This is why targeting the right users is so vital to business success. Sending posts out to 100,000 people sounds great in theory but sending that same message out to a targeting group of 1000 people will results in a much higher conversion rate whether that follows, likes, retweets, signups or even sales.

We are going to look at the types of social media that you can market on and how to find customers on 3 different platforms.

Types of social media

It is a good idea to look at what social media is out there before we start to find out how to target social media users.

The way in which you carry out social media advertising on Facebook is going to be different than the way you do social media promotion on Instagram. They are two completely different platforms with a different emphasis.

For example, if you use Twitter for marketing then you are restricted to just 280 characters. That really isn’t a lot of space and you have to be extremely straight to the point whereas on Facebook you can write a mini-essay if you so wished. Targeting a customer on each platform is different too but luckily we are going to show you how to target customers on each social media network to give you the best chance of finding success.

How to find customers on Facebook

Facebook offers a wealth of potential to advertise your business and sell products online, however, as Neil Patel points out; you want to reach a large portion of a small audience as opposed to a small portion of a large audience. This is why targeting is so important.

You need to find out what age groups you want to target, where they are located and what their interests are. To reach ages 18-49, research shows that Facebook is the best platform to target.

Use Facebook ‘graph search’ to find targeting customers. With this function you can find people that have already expressed an interest in your niche, look at overlapping interests and what other content they might be interested in as well as searching for specific hashtags. Facebook offers a straightforward way in which you can research for a targeting marketing campaign to discover your target audience on this social media platform.

How to find customers on Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to reach out to the 18-29-year-old market as it predominately has men as active users.

The restricted character social media platform is a lot more ‘open’ than the likes of Facebook as anyone can view your tweets and see your profile unless you specifically mark it as ‘protected’. So, how do you reach out to the hundreds of millions of users that are on Twitter?

Geo-targeting with Twitter is a great way in which you can ensure that your ads and content reach the right people. You can implement this geo-targeting either at a country-level or by region, postal and zip code. If you are using Twitter and wondering ‘how to find my target audience’ you can do this both with geo-targeting ads as well as searching for hashtags that users Tweet about that are related to your products or services. You can find out more about how Twitter geo-targeting works here.

How to find customers on Instagram

Did you know that 90% of Instagram users are under 35 and that they are predominately female? This makes it a great social media platform to target this demographic.

Like Twitter, you can use location targeting on Instagram to get your ads to the right people. This includes pictures (which is the main point of the social media platform), videos and now Instagram stories. These ads can be displayed to users based on location, interests, demographics, and behaviors. You really can narrow down your audience massively with Instagram’s options and find your social networking target audience.

Remember to search for hashtags related to your business as well and do some research find out what your followers are posting or who the users that are talking about your niche follow too so that you can get a much broader indication of what they are into.

How to find your target audience on social media

Each social media platform has different methods of finding your audience and then targeting them with online advertising.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are 3 different networks that we have looked at here and each has its own audiences and ways in which to target them.

A scattergun approach to advertising rarely ever works well unless you are a truly global brand. You need to refine it and ensure that it is meant for a small section of the market. So many people start pushing products and services online and the think ‘how to find my target audience?’ The reality is that you need to find your target audience first and then begin marketing and posting content and ads. This will make your marketing campaign far more focused and you will be amazed at how many ideas you get for content by searching what other people are posting and talking about.

Market to the right customers by finding your social media target audience online – when you see the difference this makes to your conversions and sales you will wonder how you ever did things differently.

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