How to filter bot traffic?


Programmatic is crowded with bot traffic. Publishers or even SSPs try to earn more, adding it to the flow. This way they get more money from advertisers but lower traffic quality and convertion ratio.

Unfortunately there is no single button to switch bot traffic off, but there is a way to filter and block it in your advertising campaigns.

We’ve developed a special script, that you need to place on your target page. The script will count users activity. For example how much pages they visit and how much time they spend on your website.

It can also count conversions, video views or any other target activity you want to achieve.

The script together with optimization rules will help you block traffic sources, that deliver you more bot traffic, than organic. You may do that by hand, but it’s a ton of work, better let our system do that for you. You can see the blacklists and whitelists any time and fix them if you think something is not OK.

Easiest way to lower bounce rate is to set optimization rules to block all sources with high bounce rate and 0 or close to 0 pageview time. Same thing applies to conversion rate and it works the same way.

Remember, there is no traffic sources with no bots at all. Internet is full of bots, even intelligent enough to bypass that filter, but you’ll get much cleaner traffic using our solution.

We highly recommend to use our script when buying RON traffic. It’s the best way to get cheap and good quality traffic.

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