How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram


Social media has emerged as a method for many affiliate marketers to make money.

While using a website and focusing on SEO is still important, social media has changed the game. Instead of waiting for your organic traffic to grow or even anticipating sales from a guest post, you can now reach out to hundreds, thousands and potentially millions of people in minutes.

This is why so many people make money from social media by promoting affiliate products.

Rather than focus on Facebook and Twitter, instead we are going to look at Instagram and show you how you can build an affiliate marketing business on this popular social media platform.

What is Instagram?

For anyone that doesn’t know, Instagram is big. In fact, it is really big!

Instagram has around 800 million active users every month and that means there is a ton of potential to make money. Instagram is all about pictures. While Twitter and, to a certain degree Facebook, is more about text, this social media platform is focused on images. There are a ton of arty filters that you can use on a picture to make it look ‘cool’ and appeal to a wide range of people. Users follow each other due to the quality of their images however that isn’t the only thing you should put your attention into when it comes to using Instagram.

You can also put text beside your image and this is how you insert affiliate links to your Instagram posts.

How to make money on Instagram

The first question that we need to ask ourselves is “can you make money on Instagram?”

The simple answer is yes! Some people even make thousands of dollars from just one post on this social media network. There are two different ways in which you can make money on Instagram – either directly or indirectly.

Directly making money on Instagram involves selling the original photographs that you produce. If you have a large following on Instagram you can even charge companies to use your account for product placement or to post their own photos on your account.

What we want to focus on here is indirectly making money on Instagram. This involves promoting affiliate products and inserting an affiliate link within your post to that product page. When someone clicks on that affiliate link and purchases that product then you receive a commission. Sounds easy? Well, it is a little more complicated than that but that is the basics of making money on Instagram.

So, how do you get that affiliate link into your Instagram post?

How to get a link on Instagram

Before we look at the best way to get your affiliate link into your Instagram posts, you need to know about how much text you can actually use. We know that Twitter has a pretty strict character limit but what about Instagram?

We know that this social media platform is all about the beautiful images so you don’t want to put a big long essay into your post because that is not what this network is all about. You can have up to 2,200 characters on your image captions and a limit of 50 hashtags too. There is also a debate around what is the ideal length for an Instagram caption and the number of hashtags you should use for people to find your post.

So, as you need to keep your caption fairly short, it is a good idea to shorten your affiliate link either on your posts or in your profile.

Popular niches on Instagram

Are there any niches that are better suited to Instagram than other social media networks?

Well, the best niches to use are ones that you can post pretty pictures off. That is the whole point of Instagram after all.

Health and beauty, fitness, travel, business and fashion and generally the most popular niches that make people money on this social media website. You can find out some information about the most popular niches in Instagram however any topic where you can take a nice picture, put a filter on it and find affiliate products related to that picture to promote, will make you money.

People make a lot of money from all sorts of niches on Instagram however these tend to be the most popular and the main ones that are monetized on Instagram.

Now that you know the most popular niches to focus on, what affiliate programs are the best to use?

Best affiliate programs for Instagram

There isn’t really ONE affiliate program that will work best on Instagram because they can all potentially make you money. As long as you can post the links onto social media and they are tracked so that you get commission when someone buys that product through your link then you can use it on Instagram.

If you target an affiliate program that sells products in those top 5 niches that we mentioned above then you will be able to make money through it.

Instagram affiliate marketing

Social media, in general, provides an exciting opportunity to make money through affiliate marketing.

Rather than waiting for you build up your organic search traffic to use money to pay for ads, you can reach thousands of people simply by posting on social media. It does take a while to establish a following but by posting good updates, eye-catching images and spreading your affiliate links thinly on your posts then you can make money through Instagram. Remember that hashtags are your friend as well because they provide a way in which other people can find your posts easily and interact with it.

There are certain niches that have proven to be more popular than others on Instagram but the reality is that any niche can make you money.

Instagram has hundreds of millions of monthly active users and just a very small percentage of these people can make you a lot of money by selling affiliate products on this popular social networking site.

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