How to build an affiliate marketing campaign on YouTube


If you want to make money online, YouTube should be a good choice, considering it gets over one billion users a month. With such a huge audience and the convenience of the internet which allows you to make a living by monetizing almost any opportunity, YouTube is a moneymaking venture that worth trying.

Even if it’s pretty easy to get started, there are still a lot of challenges making money from YouTube.

If you thought that it’s enough to post some videos, attract viewers and enter the get rich fast kind of scheme, we will have to disappoint you. Even if advertisers will pay enough in order to promote their products using video ads, you will need to put a little more effort in order to establish a sustainable strategy.

The good news is that affiliate marketers will still be able to generate good income since YouTube is still one of the best monetizing techniques. Even so, most of affiliates still didn’t grasped the power of videos.

People know so little about technology and even if marketing on YouTube is quite simple, most of them are afraid of the risk of wasting their dollars or fails if they don’t use the most conventional strategies like blogging, social media or email marketing.

However, incorporating videos into their campaigns and using YouTube as a sales tools, affiliates can make more money than anywhere else.

Here are just some of the advantages you can get from building an affiliate marketing campaign on YouTube!

1. YouTube is getting more than 3 billion views per day

Can you imagine what it means even to have a small chunk of those views for your campaign? To have your ads placed on the most-visited online video portal in the world? Not only there is no sign that this channel is going to decline, but it’s estimated that the traffic to YouTube is going to grow unstoppable.

2. It’s owned by Google

Most of the videos displayed on Google come from YouTube. Keeping your videos keyword optimized will be essential for your SEO campaign and this is how you’ll have a good shot to be first on Google.

3. Marketing on YouTube is FREE

One of the best advantages YouTube has is that is totally free. So, if you are a newbie or have a tight budget, you can get maximum exposure for your affiliate campaigns with no costs at all.

4. With YouTube you can include links that point toward your affiliate site

Now you can sell your products directly from this channel. YouTube allows you to include links in your description that redirect the user to your site. Using affiliate links stuffed directly on YouTube you will be able to make users click the links, pointing them to affiliate sites.

5. You can be ahead of the competition.

Considering there are still a lot of affiliates that are not making the most out of YouTube, because of their technology fear, you have a wonderful chance to be ahead of your competition and grab a big share of the market.

If you’re convinced about the fact you can use YouTube as a catalyst to your campaigns, now it’s the right time to make the most of this channel and discover more options to boost your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Here are some alternative solutions to generate YouTube revenue:

1. Sell your own goods with Shopify.

One of the best ways to make money on YouTube is to set up an e-commerce storefront using Shopify and sell your products, producing videos for your niche and target. Another great idea is to produce at the end of your videos, calculated CTAs that can funnel traffic to your landing pages.

2. Sell premium videos with Yondo.

Have you ever heard about Yondo? It allows you to set your price without splitting your revenue with YouTube, create your own online store to see on-demand video content with your domain.

So, if your main goal is to make money from YouTube videos, you can create a channel and engage audience to establish a certain reputation. After this, you can drive traffic to your landing pages so you can start selling.

3. Direct traffic to affiliate links

Better than to rely on blogs to drive people to your affiliate links, try to customize a lively YouTube channel with premium content videos so you can get benefits ahead your competitors that use regular marketing channels. Thousands of companies offer attractive deals to promote their products. Even Amazon or eBay.

4. Attract sponsorships

Most of the successful YouTubers display ads and sponsorships in their video recordings. This way you can negotiate your contracts based on impressions and the size of your audience and you won’t have to give YouTube a share of your revenue.

5. Monetize your videos with the YouTube Partner Program

If you created enough promoting videos, you can join the YouTube Partner Program. Enabling your channel for monetization, you can receive your share of the income from doing advertising on YouTube.

6. Share your knowledge with tutorials

Everyone knows that tutorials are pretty huge on YouTube. You can use the channel to show to your partners how they can use your tools in order to better monetize their traffic, or how to make money from affiliate marketing.

7. Test your products

YouTube is also a very good resource for market research – you can use it to research if your idea is going to be profitable. Check out the views and the comments and decide if that product/service is viable so you can put all your efforts in selling it.

Don’t forget that the internet is changing all the time and that you always need to measure your goals. Trends come and go and there are always new ways of gaining some extra money. Explore these ideas and you may have great and unexpected returns. Make sure your content is high quality and be creative with the use of your resources. Follow our advice and take action. We hope you’ll get the best results!

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