How to become a super affiliate: Money and mastery


If you are like me, you are probably dreaming to be your own CEO, 000,000 asking yourself if it’s possible to make a living online, doing money from the mobile in the back of your car oy why not maybe while sleeping.

You’ve already heard stories of college-age entrepreneurs striking it rich and you have an idea how it works but you don’t know where to start, right?

Well, if you have internet, a computer, google chrome, a mouse with a right click button, some money to start and a PayPal account to collect your profit, I am going to teach you how you can make thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing, or in the worst-case scenario, an extra stream of income for you to make a nice living online.

The best path to make a living online

I will start buy bursting your bubble and set you on a better path, showing you the easiest and faster way to make your first…not million but  $1. You might think I’m joking, but by making your first dollar, you’ll get the overview of affiliate marketing, and learn all the tools necessary to start making money right away.

So, although it may seem that this is a very simple task, don’t underestimate it: It’s ok to dream big but you have to focus in smaller steps.

Making money as an affiliate involves multiple tasks and we’re here to give you a very simple step by step instruction to ease of making your “six figures” income online!

Of course, that there are many ways to achieve this, but we will share the route which we think is the best option.

Learn more about affiliate marketing

First thing first, I have to be sure you know what affiliate marketing is. Charles NGO, a guru in the industry says that you are doing affiliate marketing when you get paid a commission for promoting products / services for other companies, exactly like how the “door to door” salesmen were doing a few decades ago but building a website or a campaign that can make money for you, even when you sleep. And this happens because you’re not limited to your time, to a specific area or to only one company.

All in all, you have to promote products, that we call Offers, find potential customers, that we call Traffic Sources, create marketing material, Ads, Landing pages, cause we all know advertising is the soul of the commerce and last but extremely important, to optimize by testing your campaign until it becomes profitable. Yes, you heard good: UNTIL it becomes profitable.

The internet is still the ‘Real World’ and still a business. You will have to spend some money to make it a success. The reality is that you have to spend more and more to test nearly everything you try. And some of those risks are going to pay off.

In case you feel like giving up, try harder! Work on finding a solution. Give it everything you have: money, time and an energy. Cause as the specialists say: In affiliate marketing, you are just one campaign away from achieving everything you ever wanted.

“Being able to make money with a campaign is a skill. And like all skills, it takes practice”

Everything you need to know to achieve everything you wanted

So, if you decided you want to be a super affiliate, you’re in the right place. All you will need is the right platform, training and support.

It won’t happen overnight, it will probably take at least a few years, but it’s possible if you consider doing the following: register a domain, set up the webhost, create a nice website and put some graphics on it, learn SEO, off page SEO, learn how to write catchy headlines and make a good content for your site, sign up for some well knows affiliate programs because there are some shady affiliates all over the internet, optimize your traffic and repeat until the Wolf of Wall Street will kneel before you.

Sounds easy if you’re prepared to lose some money initially, running split tests, collecting data and always making adjustments until you’re profitable. Cause this is how the cookie crumbles!

If you don’t know what money you need to start, a budget of 500$ a month can be enough to invest. Use these moneys for the main resources as a tracker and a server and pay attention carefully: everything else should be going into paying for traffic.

Swimming with the big fish

But keep in mind that there are five earning brackets in this industry and you are just Entry Level.

You might be just an Apprentice but if doing things right, you have chances to swim with the big fish!

Affiliate Apprentice – Losing money.

Low Level Affiliate – Anywhere from $0/day up to $300/day.

Intermediate Affiliate – Anywhere from $300/day up to $3,000/day.

High Level Affiliate – Anything above $3,000/day.

The ‘Big Nasty Bastards”’ Affiliate –who considers anything less than $10,000/day to be ‘doing it wrong’.

Low Level Affiliate focuses on pockets of profit around the web. He ignores economies of scale in favor of high margin campaigns on smaller traffic sources that tend to be extremely volatile. Intermediate Affiliates focuses on high volume traffic sources with smaller margins than the Beginner, but more volume.  High competition on large traffic sources reduces the size of the pie for all. Smart movers in this category target mobile marketing and pop traffic.

In case you don’t want to settle with the first level, throwing money around and hoping they will return, you need to set a plan and stick with it.

First, find a traffic source (e.g., Facebook ), choose a vertical or a niche but one that you know good (e.g., dating or nutra)- one of the most important steps you will take when trying to make money online from affiliate marketing- set a budget, a time frame and goal (e.g., $2,000, launch 10 campaigns in 30 days, hope 3 are profitable), but mostly: RINSE & REPEAT!

Remember that once you decided to get into affiliate marketing, there’s always something to improve. Being able to optimize properly means you’ll always be able to make money without having to jump on the latest trends or hot offers.

Be your own CEO,000.000

But you still want to find out about that million, haven’t you? If so, listen to me carefully:

In order to sell a website for $1 million it needs to be making around $35,000/month in profit. This is based on around a 30x multiple for the monthly average.

Even if it might seem impossible, it’s not. If you choose an evergreen niche, target the correct keywords/products and scale the content production as soon as possible it can happen.

Just remember that you need to take action because when money’s coming in, you can afford more risks. The industry is always changing. You won’t have the perspective to truly understand what I’m teaching until you run campaigns. This is the nature of every business.

Good luck!

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