How Mobilechain Will Benefit App Developers


We created Mobilechain for one central purpose: to transform the mobile economy using blockchain technologies. Our team knows that mobile app developers are the cornerstone of the app economy. And we know that not much has changed in the mobile economy since the original third-party apps were launched on the app stores despite rapid changes in the mobile industry.

That’s why we’ve designed all of Mobilechain’s features with app developers in mind.

The Trouble With Mobile And Blockchain

At first glance, this may make developers nervous. The technical aspects of writing and coding a blockchain can be difficult to master and securing cryptocurrencies and cryptowallets is a process that requires an experienced and dedicated IT team. Many developers don’t have the kind of time and money it takes to integrate a secure blockchain or crypto-backed economy into their applications – especially when you need to maintain your core app at the same time.

How Mobilechain Will Help Developers Succeed

With Mobilechain, developers will be able to add pre-coded and secure blockchain and cryptocurrency services into their apps with very little time and effort.

To participate, all developers need to do is integrate the Mobilechain SDK. The Mobilechain SDK will be similar to the SDKs that you are already familiar with from your current apps. The Mobilechain SDK do the heavy lifting required to implement desired blockchain-enabled features by providing a simple API to access the functionality. This will allow you to easily add complex capabilities into your applications, even with only a minimal understanding of how the feature works on the back-end.

Beyond the SDK, Mobilechain will also provide an easy to use, secure self-service portal for developers that will enable you to implement and manage the features of the Mobilechain platform in your applications.

Most importantly, the Mobilechain Portal will contain a smart contract wizard to enable you to create smart contracts for your app from pre-defined templates. Mobilechain will build and provide ready-made templates for smart contracts that will be designed specifically for mobile apps, helping any developer facilitate P2P transactions within their app – whether they currently have a marketplace or not.

There will also be two types of monetization integrations available via the Mobilechain SDK that will reward both developers and mobile end users.

  1. Token Airdrop

New decentralized apps (dApps) and other blockchain-based projects will be able to do a token airdrop to users that already have active cryptowallets in an app that is using the Mobilechain SDK. The airdrop will be an efficient way for the founders of new blockchain projects to bootstrap their communities through token giveaways.

During an airdrop, users will opt in to engage with messages about the blockchain project and will get the opportunity to claim the new digital asset and transfer it to their wallets. Users who opt-in to the airdrop will then have more tokens available in their wallets that they can spend in-app.

  1. Mobile Oracle for External Blockchain Projects

The Mobilechain Oracle for External Blockchain Projects will provide data and verification information services to external blockchains. This will give the blockchain community access to location and proximity verification information when needed for validation of smart contracts.

Developers and mobile users that opt-in to contribute to the oracle have the opportunity to be rewarded with Mobilechain tokens for the data they share, opening up a new revenue stream for developers and new incentives for users.

Uses Of Mobilechain In The App Economy

For developers unsure of how Mobilechain will be able to help, we’ve put together a few use cases already to help give you a better idea:

Messaging apps:

Messaging apps are one the most popular types of apps among mobile users. Using the Mobilechain token, developers of messaging apps can integrate Mobilechain’s cryptowallets and import smart contracts that allow your users to initiate P2P transactions directly inside your app’s conversation interface.  Users will be able to easily and intuitively transact with each other on the platforms they are already familiar with on a day-to-day basis. By enabling P2P transactions, developers of messaging apps will be able to provide a unique and essential feature to users to encourage engagement and user loyalty.

Mobile games:

Using the Mobilechain token, developers will be able to convert the virtual economy of in-app purchasing and game tokens into a cryptoeconomy integrated with the outside world. With the Mobilechain SDK, you will be able to offer the Mobilechain token to your users and allow the buying and selling of virtual goods directly between users with no intermediary – a function that does not exist in both Google Play and Apple App Store.

For example, imagine there is a user who mastered your game and invested $500.00 in virtual goods. After a few months of playing the game, the user wants to invite their friend to play with them. If the Mobilechain token is being used by the game developer, the user will be able to invite their friend into the game and sell them a few of the virtual goods that they have accumulated already. This way, the veteran player can give their friend an incentive to join and the new player has a higher chance of playing the game for a longer time due to having a positive first experience.

Social networks:

There is no doubt that user generated content is key for a social network to succeed. However, mobile-based social networks can find it difficult to sustain user generated content as users have no financial incentive to create content.

By using the features in the Mobilechain platform, developers of app-based social networks can use the Mobilechain token to monetize their user-generated content and encourage users to participate more. You’ll be able to allow users to convert their content engagement– be it a like, a share, or even adding friends to their network – into a currency that the user can use, giving them an incentive to participate in content creation and growth of your social platform.


Today, online classified and e-commerce apps connect buyers and sellers through a discovery mechanism, but the actual transaction occurs using third-party services such as telephone, email or messaging.

By integrating the Mobilechain SDK and importing Mobilechain smart contracts, an online classified or e-commerce app developer can enable the completion of the sale cycle directly within their app. This will help developers keep user activity contained to their app and increase the chances that a user will return to buy more items. In return, buyers can trust the blockchain to deliver them the product they asked for in the condition it was advertised in. Sellers can trust the blockchain to ensure they will receive their money in a reasonable amount of time.

In-app advertising:

Through the Mobilechain platform, users could also be rewarded for their direct actions in-app like viewing or watching advertising. The Mobilechain token will be the cryptocurrency that connects advertisers, developers, and end users.

The New Mobile Era

Through Mobilechain, app developers will be able to bridge the gap between the app developer community and the blockchain community. We believe that blockchain technology can bring about a brand new era in mobile and we want app developers to lead the charge. With the tolls we develop, we hope to give developers everything they need to gain loyal users and build successful businesses out of your mobile applications.

Posted by Dana Cohen

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