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According to a recent survey from Pew Research, 68% of U.S. adults are Facebook users. Since 2012, Facebook has remained the primary social media platforms that most Americans use. With the majority of the US population scrolling through Facebook every single day, it is no surprise that publishers once relied on the platform for building audiences and driving revenue of their own.  

In January, it was announced that the news feed algorithm was being updated, and for publishers, this meant that the days of using Facebook to drive website traffic and revenue were coming to an end. The updated news feed algorithm would prioritize content from friends and family and limit the reach of content from publishers and brands.

LittleThings, a 4-year-old publisher that heavily relied on Facebook over the years to generate traffic to their site and was once considered one of the largest and most successful publishers on Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook’s most recent algorithm update dramatically impacted their traffic to the point of no return. LittleThings CEO, Joe Speiser, announced that the news feed update caused organic traffic to plummet by 75%.

Many publishers relied on Facebook as a source of traffic before the news feed update. According to Digiday, “About 90% of growth seen in ad spending is concentrated into Google and Facebook, leaving publishers to fight over the remaining 10% of the spend.” In a world where media outlets and publications are limited by the rules of Facebook, It is more important than ever for publishers of all sizes to diversify their traffic and monetization sources.

This is where Engage.IM comes into the picture. We recently announced Engage.IM, our patent pending publisher hosted social platform that publishers are able to utilize directly on their sites. Based on feedback from our publishing partners, this has been a gamechanger for maintaining a loyal audience and revenue growth. Here are the key benefits of Engage.IM:

Deeper Personalization

Driving a powerful user experience has always been a core value of ours at Revcontent. And we know that the more personalized content is towards a specific user, the better their overall experience will be. When we began developing Engage.IM three years ago, we wanted to continue that focus on the user and powering an open web.

Engage.IM is the only social platform that is truly open, where publishers have complete control. Publishers can brand the feed as their own, and the open-source design allows publishers integrate their choice of apps, comment platforms, polls, and more.

Engage.IM’s user interest graph technology is 3X more granular than Facebook and other competitors. With over 3,000 deep user interest segments and over 30 million signals used to identify recommendations, the technology can hone into a user’s true self, so the content is more relevant to their interests than ever before.

Newsweek Media Group CEO, Dev Pragad, stated that Engage.IM is “A major gamechanger for media publishers that care about their users.”

Audience growth

According to Pew Research, more than two-thirds of Americans get their news on social media, hence why many publishers have put an abundance of their resources into Facebook. When Facebook updated the news feed algorithm, it became evident that publishers needed to find new avenues to grow their audiences.

Instead of surviving at the mercy of one social media platform, it has become paramount for media publishers to diversify their sources of traffic and monetization in order to survive.

Engage.IM has provided media publishers with the platform to grow and engage their audiences directly on their sites, so they don’t have to rely on Facebook to maintain user-loyalty.

Increased Engagement

Many publishers saw a significant drop in engagement when Facebook updated the news feed algorithm earlier this year. Engage.IM is the solution for skyrocketing your engagement numbers and extending the amount of time users spend on your site.

The feed is in the form of an infinite scroll, so users can continually discover new content from the page they are already engaging with. It also allows micro-communities to grow and communicate within the publisher’s site. With features like emoji reactions, in-feed video and polls, users find the design similar to the feeds of social media platforms.

Newsweek CEO, Dev Pragad said, “Traffic from Engage.IM performs at 531 percent higher average time on site than social, resulting in a significantly improved user experience and better engagement with our content.”

Revenue Growth

Based on the feedback from our partners, Engage.IM has been a gamechanger for brand loyalty and revenue growth. The deep personalization leads to an increase of time that users are spending on site and pages per visit. Our partners are seeing a significant uplift in revenue, with vRPMS as high as $18-20.

We are excited to provide an alternative support system to our partners and are committed to helping publishers drive the revenue they deserve. Putting our partners first has always been a core value of who we are as a company, and we look forward to continuing to grow together.

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Posted by: Morgan McAbee

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