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Marketing Au Naturel

Health & wellness was always a popular business, we might even say a trillion-dollar industry and it continues to grow in popularity. Escalating global clout of e-commerce platforms and digitalization trends are also observed to be key boosters for the market’s growth. So, if you know how to put all the puzzle pieces together, you can super boost your rankings and register the fastest revenue growth in this niche. 

With a rapidly flourishing market, natural health is huge this year and the demand is surging, especially among women consumers that are remaining key targets for manufacturers.Consisting in plant-based vitamins, homeopathic remedies and all alternative medicine, this niche has taken foothold in United States, Canada, China and lately in Europe too. Consumers prefer these nutritional ingredients derived from natural or organic sources for their holistic benefits and they are usually purchasing the products online without the need of a prescription.

It’s true that the competition in this niche is quite big, but if you prepare with a good marketing plan, you’ll start earning commissions fast. Organic traffic is still the best, so start working on a link-building strategy and make sure you have at least several inbound marketing methods in mind to ensure you will be ready to promote your offers without wasting time thinking of how to drive traffic to your website.

What methods should you consider for the natural health care niche?

Amazon Kindle Traffic

Consider creating a health e-book that will help you drive traffic on your site. It’s a promising tactic and you can even charge a small fee for every download, to get back some of the money you invested on your content writers. Just make sure the content is linked with the products you’re promoting, taking the reader on the site for more info and we can promise you this investment will worth every penny.

Forum and Blog Commenting

Another tried-and-true method that will drive traffic to your site, getting you those precious backlinks is to share your thoughts and recommendations on forums like or You will have wonderful results and you can use a paid method as well to gain traffic faster.

All-Natural Keywords

In order to target the right market, you’ll have to find highly competitive keywords with a great search value. For example, words like “wellness” or “natural supplements” have low to medium competition this is why it is important to be more specific. Bring the target to your site with sub-niche keywords like: “gut-health”, “detox” etc. depending on the supplements you’re selling.  Go to Affilotools and use the “Related Keywords” or Ubersuggest to discover more keywords you can use, that have a great search value and low competition.  

Content Strategy

There are plenty of subjects in the health niche, just pick the latest news related to the supplements you are promoting and try to be updated all the time. A good content strategy will ensure constant quality traffic on your website.

Natural Health Affiliate Programs

Check the marketplace for the finest health products, see which of them have persuasive sale pages, good looking commission and make a list with the best offers. There are some promising products in there and they can bring you sizable profits. There is plenty of competition as well, but also lots of opportunities to build backlinks and connect with your target.

Take into consideration also that all above methods require knowledge, strong strategy and action. This popular niche is not one where you can just jump in, build a site, create some content, build links and leave it alone. It requires constant attention and good understanding on how each of these methods work. Good luck and let us know if we can help you with additional info!

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