Five content ideas for the FIFA World Cup


The FIFA 2018 World Cup takes place next month in Russia. Teams from around the world will take to the pitch and play to win. It’s an excellent opportunity to create product-related content and inform the purchase decisions likely to be inspired by one of the world’s biggest sporting events. These are five simple content ideas to help kick-off your World Cup coverage and help you make the most of Russia 2018.

1. Russia-related content

The last World Cup took place in sunny Brazil, this year it takes place in snowy Russia. That being said, we can hope the winter snows will have actually subsided by the time players take to pitches in eleven cities across European Russia. And there are lots of ways you can write content to tie in to this year’s host nation – from Russian food, to Russian books or dolls there are plenty of things to think about.

2. First Game Party Ideas

And having mentioned parties, wherever you are in the world, it’s likely the first game your national team plays in will be a big occasion. So why not make a post with all the perfect products for a first match party. They could focus around a BBQ, or outdoor furniture for the summer weather, or the perfect drinking accompaniments for the festivities. If you created content for the Superbowl, it can serve as a template for World Cup Party content.

3. Soccer Apparel

Sales of soccer apparel will skyrocket during the World Cup, so it’s worthwhile figuring out where people can buy it from and how to monetize content using it. Fashion focused content could easily be created around a budget related keyword (e.g. “cheap” or “for people on a budget”), or a particular team in question (e.g. “10 things for Spanish football fans”), or item of apparel (.e.g. “Soccer shirts”). Whichever one you go for, it’s sure to be a successful way to make the most of the soccer matches.

4. Party Decorations

Having mentioned first game party it would be remiss to not talk about the perfect decorations for the occasion. Whether people want flags, bunting or materials to make their own, decorations is big business and a great way to monetize content focused on the World Cup. It’s the kind of content people look to for education and appreciate as a service when publishers provide it.

5. Technology

And so to technology, which may be overlooked, but really shouldn’t be. People love to watch the big game on a big screen and the World Cup has the biggest games of all (so far as soccer is concerned). So writing about relevant new TV screens, or related technology (some people will watch on to the go on tablets), is a great way to create content featuring higher value items and cater to a need people have during the run up to the World Cup.

So there are our five thoughts ahead of the World Cup. Any one of these ideas should help you take advantage of the event and help your readers make informed purchases too. You can start finding merchants to work with using our Public Merchant Pages here.

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