Find Out Why Turnkey Affiliate Websites Are a Waste of Money


Why turnkey affiliate websites are a waste of money

When you’re doing your research and trying to suss out the best way to get into affiliate marketing, you’ll probably see a lot of turnkey affiliate websites advertised for sale across a wide range of different products and niches.

Fully automated turnkey websites purport to take all of the work and effort out of creating your affiliate landing pages and content, often promising a waiting stream of traffic all ready to visit your new site and buy what you have on offer.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, you’re right – turnkey money-making websites aren’t all that they seem, and generally, buying one will waste your time and money without giving you anything in return.

In this article, we’ll look at what turnkey e-commerce websites are designed to do, how they operate, why some first-time affiliates choose them – and soon find them to be a waste of money.

What is a turnkey website?

What does “turnkey business” mean? Well, let’s begin with what a turnkey website claims to do for you, and then cover its limitations and problems.

A turnkey website business is a type of ready-made website package that is usually marketed to either new affiliates, or alternatively, people looking to get into drop shipping.

They’re websites that are premade and all ready to launch and go live with immediately – without the need to design, code, populate, and optimize the content in the normal way.

Turnkey websites are template based, so you might be able to edit some of the visual components of the site, such as the color scheme and style. Aside from this, they’re fully automated and everything is done for you so you don’t have to set up and write your website and its content yourself.

How turnkey affiliate websites work

Turnkey affiliate programs or ready-to-go turnkey online businesses are heavily marketed to new or first-time affiliates, as a simple and cost-effective way to set up and start operating a new enterprise without having to spend time researching and writing a website from scratch.

They are sometimes offered for sale by specific affiliate schemes, but will often be marketed by unrelated third parties to would-be affiliates looking to turn a quick buck.

Creating a website and populating it with the right type of content is one of the biggest time drains when you first start out as an affiliate, but you need to do this before you can start marketing your business and bringing in buyers.

Turnkey websites businesses claim to do all of this for you, often making ambitious claims about the ready and waiting audience of buyers who will immediately discover your new site in searches, and be keen to make a purchase.

However, trying to take a shortcut by purchasing a ready-made affiliate business for sale or a turnkey internet business that can be launched with a couple of clicks is likely to waste your money – and compromise your chances of making any in return. This will lead to a waste of not only the purchase price for your e-commerce affiliate marketing website itself, but also your time – which would be better spent setting up your own website and promotions to fit your products and niche.

Here’s why turnkey affiliate websites are a waste of money.

• A turnkey website is template-based – so it will look just like all of the other sites that the company offering it has sold. This means your content won’t stand out from the crowd, nor give you the edge that you need to sell successfully.

• You will have limited functionality in terms of editing and personalizing your website so that it appeals to your target niche.

• The content within your turnkey website will be generic and repetitive across other affiliates who have purchased one – which causes lots of problems. Google heavily penalizes duplicate content, so your site is unlikely to rank well in searches. Additionally, your site will look the same as your competitors’ sites – which means that you’ll be competing against them with the same content for both search ranking and buyers.

• Some turnkey websites spin content to try to get around duplicate content filters – which means that your text is likely to be poorly written, hard to read, or even nonsensical, particularly if it has been spun multiple times.

• Also, if your affiliate scheme offers a turnkey-ready website package, this means that your affiliate links may be integrated automatically, and you won’t know for sure if they are appropriately placed, or even genuine. What does turnkey-ready mean? It means that you don’t even have to personalize your links with your own affiliate URL, so you run the risk of a failure in the auto-coding, or even the possibility that the affiliate links used will be deliberately set up to record your commissions wrongly to avoid paying out.

• How well suited to your particular offerings in terms of products, services, and target demographics your turnkey website is can be variable – but even if you are browsing specific niche websites for sale to serve your exact demographics, the duplication, lack of originality, and lack of functionality remains.

Is it worth checking out online turnkey business opportunities?

Online turnkey business opportunities often promise a lot for what appears to be a low initial outlay – but if it really was that easy to make money by buying a turnkey site, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Even the best turnkey online business packages are all in competition with each other, so turnkey websites that make money need to be highly personalized and properly optimized for their target audience to give them an edge.

This means that even if you buy a niche website for sale, you’ll need to spend as much (if not more) time getting it up to spec than you would when setting up your own website from scratch – so what are you really paying for?

Are there any turnkey websites that make money?

Turnkey website reviews online will often give a false or misleading impression of what can be achieved with them, because their promoters want to sell them to naïve affiliates looking to turn a profit.

Remember that reviews can be faked, and often are. Even if another affiliate really does make money with their turnkey website, the last thing they will want to do is help out the potential competition (you) and compromise their own success by giving a positive review and encouraging others to emulate their approach!

Turnkey websites can make money – but only for the people selling them. There are no shortcuts to affiliate success, so get it right from the outset with unique, original content that is designed to serve your niche.

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