Facebook ads: 7 things you Should and Shouldn’t do


The world of social media and marketing is still rotating day by day. Once upon a time we spent most of our marketing budget and traditional marketing tools such as flyers, postcards and direct email marketing …

Today, Facebook is one of the most popular business marketing channels because of its high accessibility and fast delivery. However, your business is using Facebook ads properly and optimally? Ecomobi would like to say “What you should and shouldn’t do in Facebook Advertising” as belowed, please capture and apply to your advertising campaign in the most effective way!

  1. Do not click randomly the “Boost Post” button

Every time you post a post on a fanpage, Facebook always shows a “Boost Post” green button to suggest you run an ad for that article with the purpose of attracting and reaching more people. But is that always good?

Facebook determines the type of your campaign depending on the audience you choose and the purpose of the ad you want: Website Clicks, Website Conversions … but if you choose Boost Post – Post ads, Facebook will always and determined the interaction of the article with the purpose of push more like, share, comment … more. So even if you decide to advertise a link post, Facebook will still determine the ad for the interaction, not the click action on the link. Therefore, you can see the post status has countless like, reach article but few people click on the link. As such, your advertising is both costly and does not deliver the desired effect.

Hint: Instead, create ads based on your goals and audience through your ad manager, not “Boost Post”.

  1. Do not run your campaign anytime

The phrase “There is always a time and place that matches” is rightly described for setting up and launching your campaign. Do not run ad campaigns spontaneously.

Hint: You need to research the most engaging time to promote your ads and create engagement.

In fact, Facebook ads are also not fixed a time for you to run Facebook most effective. For example, do you think the weekend will attract more interaction because this is a holiday and people will have more time to surf more facebook? However, you need to consider the behavior of your target customers, who will they do on the weekend? They often spend the rest of the week relaxing or taking a long trip away from tired working days or sitting at home “watching the movie” … When we understand the prospect, you should know how to run your ads in the time frame for the best ad performance.

  1. Do not set a budget by day

When creating an advertising budget, you have two options: a daily budget and a long-term budget.

Hint: Choosing a long-term budget is a better option.

You can decide which kinds and budgets you want to run.

Long-term budget means you are not set to use only one account per day. This means that Facebook will adjust and spend a large portion of its budget when it reaches the most people.

Setting a long-term budget will help you maintain the stability of your ads, avoiding instances where your ads are delivering well, stop running due to budget expiration, and so your ads will deliver again from head. Remember, the longer your ads are served, the more stable it will be for facebook to portray potential customers to you, to find people with similar behavior, which means that your ads will be more effective.

  1. Do not put too many words in the picture

You also know about the 20% holy text on the image to run ads. If you pass this number, your Facebook Ads will not be approved or restricted to distribution.
Hint: Instead, focus on high quality, focused, clear, simple content, and no more than 20% of the text.

Choose the most expensive, most unique words you want to convey or attract customers to upload photos. Leave the title and content content to say what you want. Using eye-catching images to engage the reader and the message conveyed is a great way to communicate.

  1. Do not just add 1 picture to the post

Consumers tend to prefer diversity and choice. The number of consistent images always stimulates the reader, not only that, but Facebook Ads reach better.

Hint: Variety of images in the ad article and should change the form of the article richer, why not try with video, infographic, meme photos, 3D images nhỉ?

  1. Do not ignore your audience

You have to really understand who your target audience or customers are, what they enjoy, what they care about, and why they turn away with your ads. “Target” is a very important part of an advertising campaign, so use it wisely.

Hint: Target selectively.

This will remove non-target audiences that you are seeking out for ad listings, and instead reach more people with similar psychological and consumer behaviors. Remember, facebook ads need quality, not quantity. Do not waste your advertising dollars for those who do not care. Correct – winning a goal is the basis for any successful marketing campaign.

  1. Do not write too much

Some parts will limit your character but some other part allows you to pass in order to have a longer message.

Do not let your readers read a “novel” and ultimately not be able to receive the message you want to convey.

Hint: Depending on the content you want to convey to the reader. If you want to show and sell products, or stimulate the user to do something like comment, inbox, call directly, click on the link … then the content should be short, concise and Call to Action. Now let’s create interactive customer stimulation and purchase: Buy right away miss, Pick up right and call, Opportunity 1-0-2 …

And if you want to convey the message or brand your brand in a natural, deep, and natural way, then try using the “storytelling” method to start with a sentence, story.

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