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We recently announced Engage.IM, our patent pending publisher hosted social platform that publishers are able to use directly on their sites. Based on feedback from our publishing partners, this has been a major gamechanger for growing loyal audiences and revenue. When we created Engage.IM, we wanted to provide an alternative support system to publishers who were suffering from Facebook’s latest newsfeed update.

Engage.IM was recently featured in an article on Fast Company about how publishers can apply the concept of Facebook’s newsfeed directly to their sites.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The newest of the tools, RevContent’s Engage.im, takes a significantly different approach, allowing users and publishers to recreate the Facebook experience. The tool integrates into a publisher’s content-management system (such as WordPress) and commenting infrastructure (Disqus, for example), allowing readers to comment directly on the content module, much like they would with Facebook. Through a Facebook integration, users can pull in their Facebook data to personalize content, and then select topics they’re interested in to customize it further.

According to RevContent CEO John Lemp, publishers have complete control over the tool and can choose to feature just their own content, or include sponsored content as well.

The early results are promising. The tool, which was announced in March, has been live on Newsweek’s site for several months. According to Newsweek CEO Dev Pragad, “Traffic from Engage.im performs at 531 percent higher average time on site than social, resulting in a significantly improved user experience and better engagement with our content.” Newsweek has seen a 4-5X increase in engagement before personalization, and an 11X increase in engagement afterwards, as measured by time spent with content.”

Read the full article here.

Posted by: Morgan McAbee

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