Ecomobi: CPO and working with CPO system – guide for the publishers



CPO (Cost per Order) This is the type of affiliate marketing that commission is calculated on each customer order. That is when the customer click on your affiliate link and order, then the call center make a call to the customer and he confirms his order (conversion success), you will be shared the commission for that order.

This method is very simple compared to CPS (Cost per Sales) because you do not need to pay attention if the customer cancels or returns goods or not, or delivery process. Only the customer confirming the order when the call center so the commission that belongs to you.

Find out more about CPS here.


1.Customers visit publisher website
2. Customers see and click through affiliate link.
3. The click is tracked by Ecomobi and a cookie will identify them as being referred by Ecomobi
4. When this customer complete an order and confirm with the call center, the advertiser will fires tracking tag to Ecomobi
5. Then Ecomobi reports the purchase to the advertiser and receive the agreed price
6. Ecomobi pays to the publisher for new order




Ecomobi is pioneer on affiliate marketing in South East Asia and emerging markets with breakthrough and sustainable growth rate

We was officially established in lately 2016 in Singapore, after many other affiliate networks but has proven its strong growth through impressive accomplishments.
After only the first 9 months, Ecomobi has achieved 600 million unique clicks, 50 million conversions. Also launched and became the Top 1 CPI platform in Indonesia and Vietnam.
In 2017, we lauched our Ecommerce platform in June, reached 1000 orders daily in August and 3000 orders daily in September. 1 month later, this number increased in an amazing way to 7500 order daily in October, more than seven times in just 3 months.

By 2018, We works in six major markets: Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailan, Malaysia, Singapore with with representative offices in 3 countries and hundread of big partners, brings you more opportunities to access the network and build your affiliate career.

Ecomobi brings unlimited income to publishers with fast and flexible payment policies.

We is proud of building mechanism to bring the most profit for the publisher with high commissions, and quickest payout terms, so you can get revenue back and reinvest

Inhouse technology – support 24/7

Ecomobi is constantly innovating, as we’ve recently owned engineering team to develop flexible platform to adapt with different publishers in different countries
We’re there for you, through our Customer Service and Account Manager channels, we fully support publishers run across border both technical and financial

Our commitment 

Our commitment for the highest commission is delivered by our local team in our South East Asia to train and build publisher community as well as work directly with vendor to get exclusive deal.

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