Clickky’s Review Of Gmic 2018, The Biggest Event Of The Asian Mobile Market


Clickky continued the tradition of attending the largest Asian event on mobile, which always offers great insights into the mobile market of China and other APAC countries. The highly-anticipated Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) took place on April 26-28, in Beijing.

For Clickky, the experience of participating in GMIC has been generally positive. It’s a beneficial event not only for learning new trends in the industry and getting in touch with top speakers but also for business development and networking. Clickky attends the conference for the 3d time in a row. The team usually orders a presentation booth and finds it really helpful for facilitating networking.

“The conference gives the opportunity to meet all the major players on the Chinese mobile market”, says Serge Korneev, CBDO at Clickky. “GMIC reaches a very wide audience. It’s one of the biggest mobile advertising conferences in China. In addition to local Chinese companies, there come global players that develop their business in China. As for the company types, mostly those are mobile marketing and analytics platforms”.

“On the downside, the networking app was not working well, so for the new market players it’s advisable to get a booth to gain visibility and meet more potential partners. As for Clickky, we were able to connect both with current and potential partners, and there are some very promising deals that we were able to make.”

Overall, Clickky considers GMIC an extremely useful event for the companies that want to develop business on the Chinese market.

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