CDPs & DMPs & MMPs, Oh My!


Having an authentic conversation with a consumer is every marketer’s greatest wish.

But, to be able to do this effectively, we need to understand the consumer’s persona. Who are they? What are they doing? Are they influencing their peers? When are they most likely to purchase a product? From what screen are we best suited to reach them?

In these swipe-right times, it’s easier to keep the attention of a goldfish than to have a lasting connection with your consumers. So, what’s a marketer to do?

The most efficient means to this end is the active coupling of core transactional data with a deep understanding of the end user’s needs. If all of that data links together, the relationship can flourish and you can position your best chances to build a lasting relationship with your ideal consumer.

That is, when the touch points from the brand speak directly and authentically to the buyer, the connection is made and the transaction is done.

That’s why, now more than ever, marketers are taking back control of their campaign and user data by bringing together disparate data collections from DMPs, MMPs, and CDPs to better understand the needs of their audiences and increase their ability to accurately attribute their value.

Consumer Data Platforms (CDPs) have been the most recent addition to the scene as marketers reclaim their data prowess. With yet another acronym in the mix, it’s important to understand what CDPs are all about and how their offering differs from what we can derive from the traditional MMP/DMP mix.

Here’s what sets these CDPs apart:

So, What Are CDPs All About?

CDPs allow marketers to understand and use their data to build lasting relationships with their consumers in a more manageable way.

These tools allow for a centralized architecture and communication process by bridging consumer data repositories. Think of them as the connective tissue between what marketers know about the end-user’s engagement with their brand.

With a singular customer view made possible by the CDPs, consumers can receive more personalized services that wouldn’t be possible without the aggregate of insight around their typical behaviors. To that end, an aggregated audience perspective creates scalability for authentic communication.

Where Do CDPs Stack Up Beside DMPs & MMPs?

CDPs help to align consumers into audience segments that are used to enhance targeting features, creative messaging, and overall advertising efficacy.

DMPs culminate data by grouping behavioral attributes in a way that supports the understanding of the user journey, with the elimination of personally identifiable information (PII). This aggregate of information supports scientific assumption and alignment with similarities that link data together.

MMPs, as they are stripped of PII, become a housing repository of disparate insights.

Putting It All to Use

So, you’ve got all this rich data… what now?

Whether your tech stack relies on a CDP, DMP, MMP, or some combination of the three, chances are they’re still missing the critical gateway to the user journey.

The essential complement to these platforms is a powerful programmatic technology to help mobilize and apply this data in a meaningful way. This component allows for seamless connectivity between consumer insights and media buying efforts.

As a consumer, I love it when a brand has made all the right moves to connect with me throughout my daily grind. This doesn’t happen when thousands of ads are pushed in my direction – it happens when the right message shows up at the precise time that I am most open to the ad experience.

That being said, everyone’s journey is different. We are all open to persuasion at different times throughout our day. But, when the data is collected and distilled correctly, you engage each user with the right message at the right time to drive long term value and overall impact on ROI.

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