Can you control the advertising power of the 3 Internets?


Affiliate marketing can’t be done without serious advertising, but to make the big bucks you have to control the entire internet.

Sometimes a potential customer leaves his shopping cart or doesn’t complete a conversion and just leaves your website, but that doesn’t mean that he leaves the internet too. The digital journey doesn’t end there, but this is where it gets complicated because marketers and advertisers will have a hard time figuring out where their potential customers go.

Everything is really fragmented, and users could go to the competition, to check their email, on any social media platform, they could be online for a little while or even for the next 10-12 hours.

The diversity of options is enormous and it’s hard to make a digital ad campaign that covers everything and reaches consumers everywhere.

If you look closely you will realize that the internet is divided into three parts. There’s the Google internet, the Facebook internet as well as the open internet. Users don’t think about it and probably don’t realize this is even a thing, but for advertisers this is highly important because there is a different entry point for each internet.

The Google Internet has as an entry point Google AdWords. This allows advertisers to reach their costumers by Google search, shopping, Gmail, Google Maps and even YouTube. The Facebook internet is controlled by the Facebook Ads Manager which gives entry to Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhasApp and Instagram. The open web can be entered through demand-side platforms (DSP) and will give access to ad exchanges that have in their portfolio thousands of websites and apps.

Google and Facebook seem to dominate the digital ad market in every country and take up more than half or even three quarters of the digital ad spend, leaving the “other” category with a quarter or a third of the share. But your purpose is to send the right ads to the right person at the right time. Remarketing is highly important but in order to excel at it you need to have successful media buying campaigns across all the three internets. This means that you need to coordinate ads on all of them perfectly.

AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager and DSPs are all independent systems that can’t be integrated with each other so whatever media buying you are doing on one of the systems won’t impact what you do on the others. In order to have a great consumer experience and make the most money you need to coordinate everything flawlessly because if you don’t do it well you can lose conversions. Some marketing departments split the three internets among each other and each team does what it wants. But this can lead to cost inefficiencies and even ruin the consumer experience because they will feel like you are smothering them and following them and violating their privacy non-stop.

The whole thing of being a successful media buyer and affiliate marketing is finding the perfect way to orchestrate the whole thing and make sure that you get everyone to convert no matter what internet they come from. Knowing that there are three types and that they work differently is the first step forward towards making more money. From there it’s just practice until you perfect your strategy.

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