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If you work in affiliate marketing, you already know how amazing the affiliate life is. Making money easily with a laptop, working from the best beaches in the world, endless opportunities to choose from, lots of connections and the mindset of a winner!

But in order to keep this lifestyle standard you need to have enough clients and network as much as possible. And the best places where you can bridge the gap between advertisers and affiliates, are the conferences.

I. Affiliate World Europe -The super affiliates MUST ATTEND event

With Affiliate World Europe around the corner, one of the greatest gathering for affiliate industry, the opportunities to connect and meet the affiliate marketing masterminds are just a step away.

Such a big conference can be a life changer because it can make your life as an affiliate easier, helping you meet the right people, from product owners to traffic sources and affiliate buddies.

Learning the best affiliate tips from the cream of affiliate marketing, talking with them face to face, listening to inspiring speakers and discovering the latest trends in the industry can only help you achieving the next level of success!

Organized in Barcelona this year, Affiliate World Europe it’s a three-day conference (18-20 July), a truly enormous event where more than 3000 marketing professionals from over 80 countries will share their experience and build a network with peers.

Not only it’s a very well-organized conference with experienced exhibitors and inspiring speakers, but also a place where you can discover cutting-edge strategies, the latest technological trends and the big players from the industry teaching you how to make real money.

Called by Neil Patel: “the only ABSOLUTELY MUST ATTEND global conference for super affiliates”, this event will help you take your place among innovative companies that are shaping the affiliate future.

BitterStrawberry will not miss this experience, as we are prepared to attend most of the activities organized, to check the newest technologies and products available on the market, enhance our networking opportunities and discover the biggest super affiliate marketers worldwide.

II. She Commerce- The League of successful women

We intend to attend the SheCommerce Conference in the first day, a carefully curated event, designed to connect the greatest business women that can inspire the next generation with new, innovative marketing tactics.

You can meet there, Carmen Lumina, winner of XBizz Award, Business Woman of the Year. She is our managing director and she supports women’s empowerment and participation in leadership, inspiring the next generation of females to change the world of E-commerce, by removing social inequalities and make this industry more inclusive and more transparent. Hear her experience and talk together about new business opportunities and we can guarantee you will leave inspired, energized and ready to take over the world!

Don’t miss this chance to share ideas with successful business women from more than 35 different countries, network with the most ambitious professionals and share your business experience with the others attendees from this amazing community.

You will be welcomed with snacks and meals and more important, discount codes for the best tools you might need to run your business.

Discover what’s next in the e-Commerce space and enjoy the unique opportunity to meet amazing women like Bonnie D’Amico, Team Lead at Shopify, Sarah Bundy- Founder & CEO at All Inclusive Marketing or Rhian Beutler- Co-Founder at Venntov and many more!

The conference promises a problem-solving environment, lots of knowledge sharing and empowerment.

Join us and discover the amazing power that women that discuss business together have and the endless possibilities to collaborate and get inspired.

III. Networking-The unwritten rule of success in business

For the next two days we intend to expand our network connecting with other affiliate experts on Facebook, Native and Mobile targeted sessions. We won’t miss Ryan Deiss- the founder and CEO of about digital media and e-commerce.

We’re also interested in Oli Gardner seminar about how to save the world from marketing mediocrity. This guy is not only the Co-founder of Unbounce but also a legend in delightful marketing practices. We can’t wait to hear their insights and to discover the latest innovative ideas.

Since we just launched our own Nutra products and the best traffic for these offers is native and Facebook, on the last day we will catch up with Facebook Mastery Live, an advanced level of social media training with lots of white hat tactics that can increase revenue big time.

Basically, this conference offers sponsors and exhibitors a unique opportunity to reach the global affiliate marketing community, since more than 50% from the attendees are affiliates.

Affiliate World Europe brings the affiliate world together, in one place. It is the type of event that’s attended by the most incredibly gifted affiliates of all time. An event that’s known for having tremendously engaging speakers, the sharpest minds, and for being the perfect place to discuss the future of affiliate marketing.

From networking events, to speeches and parties, we won’t miss any of this!

IV. BitterStrawberry’s booth- The answer to all your affiliate questions

So, if you decide to join the conference and want to make sure you will meet our team members, you can find us at the Booth # B2.

There are so many things we would like to share with you regarding the newest ways to optimize your campaigns or increase your profit!

Also, we can introduce you to our new Nutra products we’ve just launched, one of the most exclusive collection on the market.

Our colleagues will love to talk to you and they will be happy to answer all of your questions or to give you more details about our HOT Nutra offers.

So, let’s meet there! Together we can find the best ads solution for your business and build new profitable partnerships.


V. The Power of Informal Networking

Now that you know how and where to meet the big names in the industry and all the best opportunities from the Affiliate World Europe, you can try other ways to springboard your success.

Someone wise once said that “your network is your net worth” and official parties are the best places where you can find the top affiliates. Unlock all your opportunities and don’t miss the fiesta night where all the formalities will disappear, so you will have more time to create positive relations and partnerships.

In Spain, a meal is considered the perfect moment to get acquainted and to relax as well. More than this, the Catalan dishes are amazingly tasty! Invite your colleagues and your new friends for a glass of Sangria and some tapas and tak care of your business agenda.

If you have more time to spare check out another article we wrote about how to make the best of your time in Barcelona! Don’t miss the major highlight of the city or the beautiful beaches that surround the city.  Experience Barcelona’s night-life as well, it will not disappoint you.

VI. The Final Takeaway

It’s not a secret anymore that affiliate marketing means networking and that there are some must attend conferences that can either help you start your career as an affiliate, either enhance it.

Affiliate World Europe is one of them and every affiliate you’ll meet at this event will be “one of us”

If you are working in the industry, make sure you will attend this event and take all the opportunities to meet people you won’t have the chance to see otherwise.

We will wait for you there, so “Hi” us if you see BitterStrawberry team around!

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