Best ways to get your email marketing right for your luxury brand!


Do you have a luxury brand and you want to promote it correctly so your digital marketing efforts can align with your brand’s image?

We will show you how you can get your email marketing right so you can increase customer loyalty and the number of orders, but in the same time reflect those high standards that represent your curated brand, maintaining its cohesive identity.

If done right, you will enhance your brand image with every email you send and every promotion material will help convert users into loyal buyers and brand advocates.

Use these tips and tricks and we can guarantee that your email marketing campaign will enhance your brand reputation while driving sales in the same time.

1. Entice users to subscribe

One of the easiest ways to keep conversion going is to pair a special offer from your site with a sign-up form for your mailing list. If the form its well placed on your home page and the discount its worthy for joining a VIP list, the consumer will want to subscribe.

A promise for exclusive offers or even free access to all your brand sales events will work like a powerful lead magnet for prospects. We might say that a nice incentive will be enough to make visitors join your email list with a 15% conversation rate.

2. Maintain cohesivity by aligning the quality of your emails with your brand

You need to be consistent and make sure your emails are of the highest quality so when your customers see them, they will know they are referring to your products.

Make sure you have original high-quality visuals/photos, a smart copy and a general design that will align with your brand guidelines, colors and aesthetics.

Don’t forget to incorporate your brand signature in the email. Work with a good designer that will match the same top-notch template on all the printed materials as well, optimizing the content for all the formats.

You need to be unique and differentiate from the others and to make sure your promotions, newsletters or product announcements are assigned by your consumers to a specific template, so they will know what to expect before opening.

3. Create valuable and relevant content

Not only the design has to reflect your brand but also the content needs to be relevant. Studies shown that personalized communication improves email marketing performance and leads to more conversions.

Whenever you offer value to your customers, they will be excited to open your newsletters or emails. You can ask them what preferences they have or give them tips and suggestions and promise to only send emails about the things they are interested in and this way the number of subscriptions can increase significantly.

4. Use eye-candy CTA buttons

Considering most of the emails are opened form the mobile devices (especially in the case of luxury goods customers), it is very important your emails will contain big CTA buttons so they can be redirected easily without having to make some extra taps on their mobiles to access your hyperlinks.

The color and text are also important, so make sure your CTA button creates a big contrast with the background and your headline contains an active copy like “Buy now”, “Get started”, “Send me special offers now”, “See what’s new”.

For example, for IOS users its recommended that your CTA button will have at least 44x44px to still be tap-able on the mobile.

5. Engage with the users beyond the inbox

Make sure you offer a complete brand experience along the consumer journey, not just in the acquisition stage and also offer to your email subscribers multiple touch points.

Keep them engage with gift coupons, cards, surveys, loyalty letters and add the social media profiles of your brand as well, in every email you send. It is important to nclude links to your website also, so the user will all the time be able to follow your updates.

Social media channels offer campaign tools that can allow you to gather all the information you need about your consumers. You can also add your email signup forms on social media to grow your subscriber list.

Don’t forget that all the materials you send need to align with your brand identity. Being consistent with your overall brand aesthetics on all the materials it’s important for your brand awareness.

We all know how hard it is to craft a brand image and to maintain a communication that matches your carefully curated brand. You spend a lot of money and time to wow your consumers with your products. Don’t throw all that work away with an ineffective email marketing campaign.

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