Appodeal: We are experiencing impression drop in China


We are sorry to inform you that Appodeal servers in China are affected by the Chinese government internet regulation policy. At this moment our domain name is not available on the territories of the PRC. We apologize for a slight delay in delivering this unpleasant news: although the issue began emerging from the beginning of May, our team has started receiving reports only this week. Our team attempted to collaborate with the authorities immediately, but sadly there has been no response yet.

Appodeal is still serving ads in China but impressions have dropped significantly due to governmental intervention. Unfortunately, this may be followed by revenue decrease for those who heavily rely on the Chinese market.

In order to resolve this issue as soon as possible, we continue contacting the Chinese authorities regarding this urgent matter. Meanwhile, we keep working on a new version of Appodeal SDK that will help avoid the blocking. The updated SDK will be released in a couple of weeks, and we will keep you updated on this topic.

In case a major percentage of your traffic comes from China, we recommend switching the Chinese traffic to direct ad network integrations before the situation is cleared up.

Please do let us know if you’re experiencing rough times because of the blocking — we’d be glad to assist you any time. We apologize again for any inconvenience this is causing you; we are hoping to improve the situation soon. Thank you for bearing with us while we’re figuring this out.

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