adpepper: Online Marketing Rockstars 2018


The OMR expo 2018 means „bigger, longer, cooler“. Bigger – because of the rising number of exhibitors. Longer – because the event lasts for two days this year. Cooler – because we are present with our ad pepper Cool-Tour. The OMR expo simultaneously represents the start of our world tour, which includes all ad pepper business trips in 2018. That’s why we carried so much luggage on us. But you will read more about it later.

Day 1 (Thursday)

Good morning Hamburg! After a good breakfast we are ready and on our way to the expo. What’s the plan for today? At 7:30 AM we have to build up our cardboard VW T1 tour bus (indicated time: one hour). After the build up we have to prominently place our give aways such as the „Cool-Tour-Bag“, the pepper postcards and the pepper tattoos. Just before 9 o’clock we plan on starting to mentally prepare for the next two days at OMR.

But as we arrived we soon recognised that our cardboard tour bus was about to be delivered late! The package with the centrepiece of our booth wasn’t there yet. Bianca – our marketing fairy – was pursuing the quest of making sure our treasure would arrive in time, which did not really make us new friends at the supplier. After a rollercoaster of emotions Bianca was able to build up the VW bus somewhat in time.

The OMR visitors probably didn’t recognise any of the stress prior to opening, as they surrounded the booth like groupies, taking pictures and selfies with the bus in the background.

We pitched out tents in Hall A3 at booth number E14. The nice thing about OMR: Friends are extremely easy to make, as the neighboring booths are always an opportunity for marketing-related conversations. The overall atmosphere is very amicable.

Everyone creates an individual booth concept. From popcorn, VR-glasses, online gurus and raffles to life-size inflatable unicorns. The OMR expo has literally everything and creativity never lacks.

Taking a trip through the online world with the help of a flight simulator? A short walk to the „Kiez“ – club and snack stall were there as well. Or what about a carousel ride just to relax for a minute?

Additional to the expo there are lectures from speakers from all over the world. The Deep Dive Stage in Hall A2 and the Big Picture Stage in Hall A4 invited to informational speeches about the topics online advertising, marketing, influencer marketing, social media, SEO as well as Performance Marketing.

Special guests such as Lena Gercke or the influencer twins Lisa and Lena are not only a highlight for a lot of visitors, but also for us. Great professional conversations, good appointments and interesting contacts made our first day at the expo very successful.

Day 2 (Friday)

Yesterday was already a blast, but for today we have equally high expectations. For the first time the expo lasted for two entire days, which we had waited and trained for all year long.

Previously arranged appointments are waiting and all visitors interested in online marketing are able to stop by for chats about the topic. Parallely to day two of the expo the conference with a lot of interesting speakers takes place – the absolute highlight of OMR. The visitors appreciated the side events, that we unfortunately couldn’t attend, as we continued the networking at our booth.

Next to great conversations, interesting lecture topics and spectacular booths you still can’t forget to mention the entertainment program at OMR. Special acts like Bausa, Oli P., Deichkind and Marteria kept the crowd entertained. The OMR accountables definitely know how to make the visitors happy. Not only because of that we attended the expo for the fifth time in a row – repitition not excluded.

See for yourself – ACTION!

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