8 Futuristic Insights for the Future of Marketing


In an era when our smartphones have super features like all the filters, the lenses and the apps that can produce revolutionary content, you have to rethink your whole marketing strategy in order to stand out. Exploring new marketing realities and daring to be different with futuristic visuals and content is a sure way to express your brand self and gain awareness.

Here are some of the best marketing insights and tools you should know and use in 2019 in order to stay on top:

1. Facebook Live

This year became very clear that video marketing is stronger than ever. Facebook Live was the novelty factor and a great way to reach existing fans much faster.

Spending more time on Facebook than on other social platforms, users can receive their healthy dose of brand awareness watching live videos.

It is an enjoyable experience that can boost your brand and make users talk about it, so you better learn how to create viral Facebook live videos to grow your brand in the following year.

Don’t forget to always keep an eye on the type of content your users like, be flexible, inspired, to check out the competition and always test what’s working for your brand.

2. Vertical Videos

Along with the popularization of smartphones and thanks to apps like Snapchat, vertical videos became an important part of businesses marketing strategy and they’re staying in power.

In the beginning they looked like amateur stuff due to the inconvenience of their reduced size but now they outperform the horizontal ones in every way possible.

Although this format requires a take that is more cropped making more difficult to share the context of a short story than on the traditional widescreen format, the rise of vertical videos represents an opportunity but in the same time a challenge when it comes to brand storytelling.

Opportunity because of the interactivity with the consumer that holds the smartphone in the upright position, (let’s face it, it is very unpleasant to turn your phone from side to side all the times you want to see a video) and a challenge because of their limited size.

As we were mentioning before, vertical videos became popular thank to Snapchat, followed by Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories and the latest vertical movement: YouTube. Progress.

In conclusion, if you want to stand out in the feed, you should definitely go vertical!

3. 360-Degree Videos

In today’s fast paced world, 360° content reached a whole new level. Being a gateway to VR or other immersive experiences, this video format can take your brand message to the user’s heart in a deeper and more engaging way

Offering the customer relevance and flexibility, allowing him to dive in new worlds, 360° videos drive more engagement than standard video advertising through the layer of interactivity they provide and the novelty factor.

So, if you want to transport your user directly to the moment, sharing with him a entire 360 degree experience, where feelings, moods and moments matter the most, these videos are best for you.

4. 3D Photos

It’s time you take your audience to a new dimension. Add a little texture or depth to your social media photos and stand out in the newsfeed.

Going 3D will help you create futuristic content so when your consumers will scroll on social media, they will see the image in a realistic way, just as if they are looking through a window. All they need to do is to use a compatible dual lens smartphone.

5. Augmented Reality

Accessible by most of the new smartphones’ cameras, augmented reality has become so mainstream brands are using it not just to simply entertain but as an authentic tool for communication with the consumers.

A great brand differentiator, AR allows a new level of speed and convenience for a long-lasting impression and a valuable engagement.

Relying on novelty, AR draws people into an amazing experience, winning them with the wow factor and as some studies report, it increases interaction rates by 20 percent, and improves click-through rates to purchase by 33 percent.

6. Snap Camera

If you want to better resonate with your Instagram followers, Snapchat is the biggest content marketing tool, especially if they are craving for novelty.

Enabling users to see something new each time they look, known for its disappearing pictures and fun filters, Snapchat allows you to create stories that engage costumers, creating a loyal followers database.

Available for desktop as well, Snapchat reality evokes urgency and helps getting your message across, uses both images and videos to tell your story, it is very popular in influencer marketing and it’s the best marketing partner when you are using less expensive targeted geo-filters, when you target the younger demographic and follow the best practices.

7. Holograms

The hologram buzz expanded beyond entertainment as a marketing solution for millennials and younger demographics that love one-of-the kind events and brand experiences.

An excellent tool for data gathering, holograms offer consumers “Instragrammable” moments, upgrading any event, conference, session or meeting with its interactivity.

It can help you capture your audience forging lasting meaningful emotions without an extra hardware required such as virtual reality technology needs.

8. Facebook Spaces

When first launched, in 2017, Mark Zuckerberg predicted that Facebook Spaces can connect 1 billion people in virtual reality and he was not far from the truth.

This new app that allows the user to create an avatar based on his profile photo, it’s available for those that have Oculus virtual reality devices and it can make users interact with all kinds of immersive Facebook content that people usually like to share.

With Facebook Spaces, businesses can readily use virtual reality to take users through their properties and events. Instead of just seeing a 3-picture carousel ad with a few snapshots’ users can feel like they’re really in the middle of things.

Facebook Spaces is more than a place to hang out and geek out in VR, it’s a powerful marketing tool for businesses. It can help you create 3D content, it can allow you to have a virtual business meeting, to create video content, to hold an event or host a talk show.

In conclusion, if you want to go ahead with your marketing strategy, take a look at these futuristic options and add new dimensions, mediums and experiences to your content.

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