6 tips to keep your Facebook ads account in check


Facebook is an absolute money making machine. Their 2016 quarterly revenue was a staggering $6.44 billion! Big players are shifting their focus from spending money on traditional advertising mediums such as television and even Google AdWords, and they are pumping it into Facebook ads instead. So why do they do it?

Facebook is a great tool for marketing. First of all, people are addicted to it. Most Facebook users log in daily and spend quite of lot of time browsing as well. And when I mean people, I mean A LOT of people. 2.2 billion monthly active users to be more precise. That in itself is a gold mine already. And with that impressive volume of people and the ability to target by interest, demographic and pixels via Facebook’s custom audience program, you can see why it is such a powerful source of traffic.

But, as great as this all sounds, Facebook is very strict about ads, and will ban you without thinking twice if it suspects you’re up to no good. There is zero tolerance for anything that hurts user experience and advertising the wrong way can do just that. Here are 6 tips to keep your ads account safe and the business booming:

1. Read the Facebook Ad Policy

No butts about it. It only takes a couple minutes to read the whole Facebook Terms of Service regarding ads and it will also give you a pretty good idea about how Facebook wants to run things around there. Most people overlook this and that is why some of them end up with their accounts banned due to misconduct.

2. Know what you can and can’t promote

Things like E-commerce, edu, lead generation, insurance, gaming and certain mobile apps are clean.

What you should stay far away from are ads promoting drugs, tobacco products, adult content, profanity, gambling, biz opp etc. Weight loss and miracle claims are really touchy subjects as well. Don’t bother with unrealistic or unsubstantiated claims.

When it comes to Facebook, taking the human approach actually helps with conversions.

3. Make sure your landing page is clean

You have to take your affiliate marketer hat off and put on your humane, politically correct and cautious hat on instead. Most people might not be bothered by aggressive landers but if only one of them flags you and Facebook’s approval team comes to check things out and doesn’t like what it sees, you’re toast. Having a landing page in the first place is great because Facebook doesn’t like direct linking to an offer you have no control over.

4. Be cautious when using Facebook while travelling

Logging in from too many IP addresses or locations is a cause of concern for Facebook as it deems this kind of logging activity as attempted fraud. Try using Business Manager accounts instead, as Facebook itself encourages this. Also, use different payment methods for every campaign you run, in conjunction with Facebook’s Business Manager

5. Steadily ramp your daily ad spend

Don’t start spending aggressively from the get-go. Start slow and show Facebook you’re in it for the long run. If you go from $100 a day to $10,000 a day overnight, Facebook will see this as aggressive behaviour and there may be consequences. So go slow and steady, as you would naturally anyway.

6. Respond accordingly to your ad feedback and relevancy score

You obviously want to shoot for high relevancy and positive feedback. A high relevancy score can actually lower your ad costs, as the more relevant your ad is, the more impressions Facebook will give you, which results in a higher click through rate. If your feedback isn’t great, pull the ad, rewrite it and tighten the targeting and messaging.

In conclusion, all Facebook wants you to do is to play by its rules. They can be a bit demanding but the outcome of running good Facebook ads really outshine the hoops you have to jump through.

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