6 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid


When it comes to designing a landing page, even well-known companies have been known to miss the mark from time to time. Unfortunately major landing page mistakes like boring titles, too much clutter, or adding multiple calls-to-action can deter potential customers from converting.

Check out this list to see if you’re guilty of these common mistakes and learn how to fix them.

1. Making Your Homepage the “Landing Page” 

Positioning your homepage as your landing page not only looks lazy, but it’s ineffective. A landing page and a homepage are two entirely different things.

When potential customers click on your PPC ad, they expect to be taken to a landing page that features a call-to-action (e.g. Download Now). However, if they’re taken to your site’s homepage, they’ll see a navigation menu and likely will become quickly distracted and wander off.

How to Fix It: Create a landing page that matches the search intent (e.g. sign-up, download, learn more, etc.).

Here, I searched “ipsy subscription boxes,” then clicked on the top result. I was taken to a simple, yet eye-catching landing page. My call-to-action was “Get Started,” which I immediately clicked.

Source: Ipsy

Subsequent pages included filling out my beauty profile via an interactive quiz followed by this final form.

Again, a simple landing page with a prominent call-to-action “Create Profile.” Great job, ipsy!

2. Filling With Too Much Clutter

Not all landing pages are like ipsy. Some have so much clutter, the user doesn’t know where to look first, or more importantly where to click.

How to Fix It: Keep it simple and remember that less is more. Form fields should be kept to the most pertinent questions, with an average of no more than four fields to fill out.

In this landing page by Monday, the layout is very simple but also visually pleasing. Everything you need to know is clearly presented and the clutter is kept to a minimum.

Source: Monday

Monday also uses white space to their advantage as well.

3. Using a Generic CTA  

call-to-action is a necessary component of your landing page. It engages the reader to move further down the funnel. But not all CTA’s are created equal. CTA’s that appear below the fold, use generic wording (e.g. Submit), or blend into the background won’t cut it.

How to Fix It: Make your CTA enticing with color, and create a sense of urgency with your wording (e.g. Limited Time Offer). Also your CTA should be in full view at the top of the page so your viewers don’t have to scroll to find it.

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Check out this landing page from BarkBox. Looking for more information on the service, I searched “barkbox subscription” and was taken to this landing page. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

Source: BarkBox

Since boxes are customized by the type of dog, the first page asks for the size of their dog. Then, it asks the user how long they want their subscription to last and if they want to upgrade to an extra premium toy. It wraps up by asking the user to enter an email address or sign in with Facebook.

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Clicking through the questions was entertaining but also quick and to the point.

4. Loading Too Slowly

If your page takes more than five seconds to load, you can expect 74% of users to bail. Consumers expect speed, so there’s a good chance that if your site is slow, your bounce rate will be high.

Source: Giphy

How to Fix It: Make sure your landing page loads promptly. Use a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights to test your page speed and get it up to par ASAP.

5. Having a Boring Headline

Headlines that are generic, or have too much text, will make a potential customer quickly lose interest. Your headline needs to be concise and enticing enough to reel them in.

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How to Fix It: Create memorable headlines by using alliteration, hyperbole, or sound bites. Ideally it should also reflect the offer, too.

This landing page by Basecamp perfectly uses the captivating headline “We’ve been expecting you” to grab the reader’s attention.

Source: Basecamp

Try to follow Basecamp’s lead with your landing page.

6. Skipping Out on Visuals  

Just because your text is concise, doesn’t mean your landing page will be a grand slam. You still need to add some pizazz in the form of visuals.

Let’s say you’re exploring trips to Hawaii. You’re on a travel agency’s landing page, but it’s just a basic form with no images. Boring, right?  The agency lost out on a prime opportunity to showcase a vibrant picture of Hawaii’s islands, resorts, etc.

How to Fix It: Use an image or video to showcase your offer. Here are a few visual statistics in case you need more convincing:

  • Consumers spend more time looking at images than text.
  • Pages with images get 94% more views.
  • Visual appeal can be assessed in just 50 milliseconds.
  • Four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about your product than read about it.

This landing page by Enjoy Flowers immediately captured my attention, as I was drawn to the beautiful flowers displayed across the entire page.

Source: Enjoy Flowers

Text is also kept to a minimum so it’s easy to read and gather information quickly.


If you’ve made any of these landing page mistakes, worry no more. With these six simple tips, you’ll be seeing conversions and reeling in leads in no time!

Posted by Alexis Short

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