5 ways to make your content delighted over hundreds news feed


One of the reasons why Facebook ads run ineffectively is not only due to poor product quality, unreasonable prices, or unprofitable advertising – but also – due to – unmatched CONTENT – make it easy for customers to bypass your Advertising in 1 second with a sliding screen!

This is a basic mistake when creating ads content of some advertisers, leading to waste money and time. So in this article Ecomobi will share 5 TIPS MUST-REMEMBER – IF I WANT TO HAVE AN ATTRACTING ADVERTISMENT!


What the customers see from the first moment is the color of the album. Color psychology has a huge impact on purchasing behavior – “Research from QuickSprout shows that 90% of all product reviews are related to color.” (Source Kissmetrics).

There are two things to keep in mind when using color in your ad design:

– The first one is If the color is too faint, not impressed, do not accumulate a little feeling that customers immediately glance immediately, and the brand also slip in the minds of customers.

– The second one is using the color not suitable: there is a list of colors that fit the type of product. You can not sell a high-end product with “cheap” colors, can not sell clean organic food with colors that are easy to associate with chemistry, etc.

If you want to post outstanding ads, use strong colors, or have contrast, color layout is also arranged logically with the user psychology will make customers pay attention to advertising…


If your ad uses photo album design with text and you want to emphasize your message, try to make it look better and look better. I recommend using the basic font, easy to read, as large as possible (in accordance with the rules or composition of the album)

Try testing again by posting and dragging your timeline through the post for 1s, not really paying attention to the text on the image. If you can read the word “unconsciously”, then it succeeds.

This also applies to the caption of the content, if you want to emphasize what, you must write it, especially the title of the article. In general, the bigger, the easier it is to pay attention!


People’s feeling is extremely important in advertising content. Customers always want to know how their emotions when using products refer to the emotional and emotional aspects of people in the product illustration or text express the emotions of the writer.

Limit posting of product images, no model or expression of dry samples, caption no feelings of satisfaction, delight of customers when the product or use the service.

Emotional psychological characteristics and “virtual feelings” of customers should be noted.


One thing that everyone knows and is sure is the product image is very important, is the first hit the customer, but title is no less important!

Do not forget to include a title of “sexy” curiosity, emotion, surprise, reveal, update, trend …. For customers to linger post ads longer. Also, when the title is a float, the image is not optimized.


The last one is quite simple: use the icon. Icon makes the article more vivid, more fun, more interesting. In a long content, the icon also helps to split the content for the customer to track more easily.

Especially the female audience, popular people love to read content icon!

But be careful to limit the use of too much to reduce the attention of customers to the product or when you are selling expensive products need some luxury.

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