5 Effective Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Get Results


Most of us have some kind of mobile device – smartphone or a tablet computer – and we are predominately using this means to access the internet.

The days of laptops and desktop PC’s being the main way in which we access information or buy products is fast becoming history.

In this article, we are going to explore how effective mobile marketing is, why it is important and also we will look at some examples of successful mobile marketing campaigns to show you that it can really work for your business.

How important are mobile marketing campaigns?

You might ask yourself ‘how important are mobile marketing campaigns in 2018?’

Well, the answer is very important!

Any business that doesn’t utilize mobile marketing is depriving themselves of a lot of revenue.

Mobile internet usage has overtaken desktop for the first time and this presents a real opportunity for innovative marketers who want to target the mobile audience. In fact, mobile users who utilize apps will engage with apps up to 15 times per day and this means that ignoring mobile users in your marketing campaign is a big mistake. It means that you are potentially missing out a large audience who will buy your products, engage with your business and generally boost revenue and growth.

Going forward mobile users are expected to increase even further so getting into the mobile marketing world now will stand you in very good stead for the future.

Examples of mobile marketing campaigns

Now that we know mobile marketing is a big business and it is something every online (or offline) retailer should invest in, what types of campaigns work best?
We all hate annoying ads on our mobile devices but the 5 effective mobile marketing campaigns that we are going to show you aren’t particularly intrusive and have proven to deliver results time and time again for small, medium and large businesses.

Dynamic content campaigns

Dynamic content messaging can be highly effective in mobile marketing. It essentially pulls information from an API just before it is sent (as opposed to your user profiles) and ensures that the messages are up to date and relevant to the recipient.

This can be copy or images that are sent via push messages, app notifications or even though news feed. While most people will delete apps that continually send generic push notifications, dynamic content is personalizing the information to that user so they will be less likely to be unhappy. Studies have shown a 27% increase in conversions with dynamic personalized messages compared to generic notifications.

Activity campaigns

Sometimes increasing engagement means showing a mobile user what other people are doing on an app. Activity mobile campaigns involve sending push notification to a person’s device about what their family or friends are up to.

There is a direct link between activity mobile marketing campaigns and increasing user engagement on that specific app. If someone’s friends are using an app then they will want to use it too.

Promotional campaigns

This is one of the most obvious examples of marketing campaigns and probably the one that springs to mind first.

These are push notifications that promote your products and services. It is perhaps one of the things that many people describe as ‘annoying ads’ on their phones but if done correctly it can be very effective in convincing people to take action. For example, promotional notifications for time-limited deals or offers are a great way in which to spread your message without being overly intrusive. There is a fine line between promotional mobile campaigns and spamming users so ensure that you stay on the right side.

Transactional campaigns

Whenever you complete an action such as buying a product or changing your password, for instance, you get an email confirmation. What about a mobile notification? Transactional campaigns are notifications that follow on when a user has performed an action through the app or their account.

Transactional emails have double the open rate of non-transactional emails and a transactional mobile campaign will increase user engagement. As more people open notifications or emails you can communicate your brand message effectively too.

Location-specific campaigns

We all know that our smartphone’s transmit data even when we are not using them. Location mobile marketing campaigns can be highly effective and they use sophisticated techniques to send targeted content to users based on where they are.

So, if you have just arrived in a new city, for example, you will receive notifications and offers related to that geographical location. Be wary of overusing this as it can come across as creepy and a bit like ‘Big Brother’ but if used sparingly and in the right way it can be incredibly beneficial to increase conversions.

Tips for successful mobile marketing campaigns

These are 5 effective mobile marketing campaigns that will get results. Using some or all of them will see a marked increase in your conversions, sales and user engagement.

Before you even get to this stage though of implementing a mobile marketing campaign, you need to lay the groundwork by conducting research into what your users want, what makes them ‘tick’ and set down your objectives.

It really depends on your business, what you sell and what you do in terms of what mobile marketing ads or strategy will work best. You can have a look at how some of the biggest and most recognizable brands have utilized mobile marketing to great effect. For example, Nivea’s sun protection ad which is used to promote its kid’s range has been used to great effect while IKEA’s catalog app has received over 6 million downloads and help to sell countless products for the home furniture giant.

Mobile marketing doesn’t always have to be innovative and ‘outside the box’. Some of the tried and tested methods may work wonders for your business so find out what your users want and implement one or several mobile marketing techniques to target a market that simply cannot be ignored.

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